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i dont agree with half of the stuff people have mentioned on here about this school , saying how it is a joke or how it doesnt teach you anything the only reason why you might not be learning anything is because of the effort you put into to it , it provides you with everything material and career services , the fact that its open book is to guide through the school its made easier in a sense to help you but doesnt mean you should look up... Read more

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They lied about everything. ..tuition costs, scholarships, etc.

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I sure agree with you, after graduating as 2nd class in Jax FL taking and passing my boards the nursing home was where I had to start. This location has such low passage rates and I do not understand why they are still open. I got my 1st hospital job almost 2 yrs later and that was after I enrolled in a BSN program. I do not even use their name as part of my education since I received my BSN. DO NOT GO HERE THE PREDATORY LOANS AND MONEY YOU OWE... Read more

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I was attending ITT in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. During the last year of my false education with ITT, they did away with the Lab Sim from Test Out. This was the only real training I received during the three years at ITT online. I never went to a real classroom. When VLAB came out, it wasn't written properly the instructions did not work they were written wrong. And so you might try the lab and if it did not work you would have to delete... Read more

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I am a former student and did graduated at the top of my class only to be told by recruiters that my degree from this school and Certs does not matter. Now I am in debt due to my student loan. I had a great experience with my teachers but I felt as though I was robbed there is no training facilities implemented from school to the job market. I was told that since I went to this school that no one will take me seriously. I believe that they... Read more

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I was in the nursing program, and didn't get the help that I had asked for, When going in for a tutor session the teacher makes it a test taking lab, when you asked for tutoring and help, then when asking for help it is a different teacher and they don't know what they are actually doing. So I decided to change to a different school, which when I was transferring to another school, I didn't tell the lady in charge of the program, she called me... Read more

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I would Iike my refund, w2 statement, and stipend

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It would be fair to say over 90% rely on help from the government or receive 100% for govt assistance. Students there don't work, and if they do it is very little hours. The ungodly amount of unnecessary busywork and lack of ethics and teaching skills from teachers and management is shocking. This is nothing but an institution that has found away to cash in generously on government funds. I feel sorry for the students paying for everything... Read more

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Do not go to this school unless you want an useless piece of paper that no company want to accept. Check out our group in Facebook about the school and what we are doing to get our money back and for more info. The government is suing them, that should tell you enough. The school preys on low income families and they take out loans in different names if they have to to fund... Read more

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I wasted 2 years at ITT Tech in Rancho Cordova,Ca They lied to me at the start. The ONLY question I had when being recruited was "Are the credits all transferable to state college?" The answer was 'YES" I found out 2 months before graduation that NONE OF THE CREDITS ARE TRANSFERABLE TO ANY COLLEGE......... The state college told me it is common from all ITT Tech grads to find this out when they apply to a real college. Please, if you truly want... Read more

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