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I would Iike my refund, w2 statement, and stipend Add comment

It would be fair to say over 90% rely on help from the government or receive 100% for govt assistance. Students there don't work, and if they do it is very little hours. The ungodly amount of unnecessary busywork and lack of ethics and teaching skills from teachers and management is shocking. This is nothing but an institution that has found away to cash in generously on government funds. I feel sorry for the students paying for everything themselves. It's not even an accredited nursing school. Ask how many people pass the licensing exam the... Read more

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Do not go to this school unless you want an useless piece of paper that no company want to accept. Check out our group in Facebook about the school and what we are doing to get our money back and for more info. The government is suing them, that should tell you enough. The school preys on low income families and they take out loans in different names if they have to to fund your "education". This company does not care about anyone. Their CEO just dump all their stocks and... Read more

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I wasted 2 years at ITT Tech in Rancho Cordova,Ca They lied to me at the start. The ONLY question I had when being recruited was "Are the credits all transferable to state college?" The answer was 'YES" I found out 2 months before graduation that NONE OF THE CREDITS ARE TRANSFERABLE TO ANY COLLEGE......... The state college told me it is common from all ITT Tech grads to find this out when they apply to a real college. Please, if you truly want to LEARN and not just *** your time and money away, Don't Go To ITT TECH... Read more

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I used to work for ITT Tech at there Tampa campus. I will tell you run far from this place. All they want is your money and you will not learn anything. After seeing how immoral this place operates, I had to get out of there. The so called leadership of this school is a *** joke! Especially "the leaders" of the admissions department. Reggie Wilson is the worst manager I have ever had! Also, the rest of the management team are no better! They treat their employees like *** as well. The turnover rate is ridiculious while the "leaders" continue... Read more

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I am currently a student in the RN program at ITT Tech (Breckinridge School of Nursing). I have been going for over a year and feel I have taught myself most everything that I have learned. The instructors pretty much read the slides and hit the "highlights" because they are trying to cram all of the material into an 11 week course. When I went to my first clinical site, my instructor never checked to see if I was even doing my assessment correctly. The scariest thing is the people that are passing all of their tests, are more than likely... Read more

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I am a student currently enrolled in ITT-Techs RN program and I must say that I am highly disappointed and disgruntled. The students are pretty much teaching themselves, and the work overload is based on cramming and dumping of information.... Not learning. I sat in a class where merely 75% of my class failed every test the teacher gave, and no we weren't offered any help, and nobody even loomed into as to why the whole class was failing. Yet somsomehow after failing EVERY exam, some students managed to PASS the class. So how much did they... Read more

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I worked at the Clive, Iowa ITT campus for a few years until I saw the immoral profit gains by leaders preying on uneducated students. The students take out huge student loans that they will never be able to repay as the jobs they get cannot pay for the over inflated tuition cost where credits don't even transfer. It is such a joke that the Dean of Academic Affairs would bring her child into work daily, then persecuted workers "beneath" her for saying something about it not being our responsibility to watch the child. She is mean to people... Read more

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The Omaha School is nothing but a money sucking *** hole. The dean is the slime far below a used car salesman, and a student will have to be in a coma before he will lay off the high pressure sales and THREATS (you may not be accepted back, etc.) of not taking a break from school when serious life issues occur. Now that I've reached the "money quota" he needed, he will continually call me into his office to yell and blame me for complaining about anything, especially the jaw-dropping unethical, incompetent, pathetic excuse of a "teacher" I had... Read more

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