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A Year Wasted & Further In Dept!

As most I too fell victim to ITT-TECH. While attending this *** heap...I had come extremely close in gaining a position with two separate networking companies. The interviews went well ,the energy was quite positive until the three magic letters came into the air...I....T............T! Before I knew it the eye contact was broke and the employer was talking on the cellphone! *** you ITT TECH!! If you are pursuing a promising career ITT-TECH IS NOT THE ONE! EARN A CERTIFICATION IT CISCO,RED HAT ,WINDOWS 7 , WINDOWS SERVER 2008 *** YOU ITT-TECH!!!
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While attending I-TITY-TECH, I sure enjoyed all the ignorant teachers


Ahh! The 92% of our lower class /GED recipients, it is your own ignorance for watching tv then actually studying maybe you should of studied the accredidation of ITT.

Go ahead and file lawsuits, waste money on legal fees to fall deeper in debt!

Granted you have a 2yrpromising degree on a paper that was recycled in mexico lol! The law is going to tell you the same thing, " no one made you go."



Good job though, I'm sure you passed high school. Wait "2yrpromising" and "mexico" are incorrect too. I guess you're still in junior high?


Making people think they can have no life without college is a huge money making scam in this country and guess who benefits most?? THIS CROOKED COUNTRY THATS WHO.So many people get out of highschool and go to college for years and waste 10's of thousands of dollars often on "student loans" so you basically have a degree for a job making example $30.00 per hour but you are no better off than the person making $15.00 because you will be paying off your "student loan" till your 45 years old.The vast amount of jobs in this country are given according to WHO YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU KNOW and that is one of the big reasons why this is a country of IDIOTS in jobs that they have no business being in.The only jobs you can go to college and basically have a guaranteed job and future are in the medical fields.


Does any one know if there any law suits curently against ITT Tech? I wanna join big time!!!


lol @ your debt.! ME TOO


The FED Govt. had done an "investigation" at ITT. Funny, because it's who they work for in the first place. LOL

Do not let ITT make you commit suicide, move on to another school & get a job, or else pay what you can + move on.


I meant your DEPT, how embarrassing...


sorry about you DEPT

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#221467 Review #221467 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas


The students at ITT Tallahassee, based on a combination of issues below, would like the headquarters or the dept of education to investigate some issues at this Tallahassee campus. The director and his people told students that the school is accredited so we can transfer our credits. When we checked at Tal Community College and FL State University, we are told that this is a useless degree. Even some employers in the area say it is useless. We pay a lot of money to get this degree so what is going on? It is a new campus and cannot be accredited the instant the open BUT even when they get ACICS accreditation, you still CANNOT transfer credits to a real college. Just bear in mind that you will be wasting time and money in this EXPENSIVE school. You are better off at a community college or other not-for-profit school. You are warned – DO NOT ATTEND ITT in Tallahassee - or anywhere for that matter. They are understaffed too... few Chairs who do not know what answers to give... Now how can an Electronics Chair and Instructor guide you in Criminal Justice? This is the incompetence you will be paying high fees for. Again - YOU ARE WARNED! The people in management are not qualified to run a college. Most of the people in the academic side seem to be the only qualified ones but they are not all management. At the new Tallahassee campus, 1 or 2 of the management directors do not have college degrees yet they are selling it to us to get one. This is a double standard. That is why we believe the degree ITT is selling to us is not real because their top managers and directors do not have one. All the other colleges put degree people in charge of a degree-giving institution, how come not ITT? Obviously you do not place any value on the degree you are selling since your top management people are not required to have it – and this is a college? I am Fed-up! And there really is more... I am pissed!
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Apparently you never went to ITT Tech or dropped out early to actually give it a chance. Many of us current students and graduates have landed high paying jobs with the degrees that we have earned.

The one thing I like about ITT, you don't have to take courses that are unrelated towards your future field and everything is literally portable within your hand. I don't have to carry a heavy textbook and have had great experience with the staff!

Sure they are making profit, but all colleges do! Just be pissed off that tuition is expensive everywhere!



There is a petition online for student who wish to sign it. We are trying to get ITT Tech to change their policies on the HESI EXIT test. This test have caused so much stress and has left so many students feel broken and hopeless. Please go to and type ITT on the search box the petition will come up. You have the option to remain annonymous if you wish. Thank you in advance for all your help. Together we can make a difference. God bless you all


I totally agree and I did sign the petition. I see that it was started in Oct 2010. I see that five years later there has been no change.


There is a petition online for student who wish to sign it. We are trying to get ITT Tech to change their policies on the HESI EXIT test.

This test have caused so much stress and has left so many students feel broken and hopeless. Please go to and type ITT on the search box the petition will come up. You have the option to remain annonymous if you wish. Thank you in advance for all your help.

Together we can make a difference. God bless you all


2013 graduate of ITT Tech. Good experience and I have a job in my field paying mid 30's...

Tucson, AZ... Email: cswain111@***


Dear Any,

Are you joking??? Or are you just paid by ITT to spread lies that will put more dollars in their pocket. There is NO WAY that any top agency would hire exclusively out of ITT. The proposal is absolutely ludicrous and doesn't make any sense. Why would any competitive agency limit itself against other perfectly accredited and esteemed school who offer the same degrees?

Additionally, even Ivy Leaguers are leaving college wihtout jobs waiting for them. To say that leaving ITT tech will guarantee a job, much less one that pays more than 30K a year is also ludicrous. Be realistic in this economy.

Second, their education really is a joke. As someone who knows upwards of dozen people who teach in for-profit schools, even they acknoledge the education these people are getting is a joke. Not the student's fault, of course. IF you're trying to make a profit, you're not going for quality of education, you're going for a mass-produced cheap product. And employers know this; no wonder they're not honoring the degree. Why would you pay big bucks for this useless degree? Community college is better and in some cases has higher esteem than for-profit schools.


Some degrees are less valuable than others. Yes, they may be required to have a degree, but if it is from an online diploma mill, ITT still permits it.

I've asked some where they got "degrees" from and often it is a 'no name' every heard of and then I check it online and it is nothing. And few of them have higher degrees. Many have paper-mill AA's and BA's in things unrelated to education. And, it shows in the way these schools are run.

It is no different than the way any profit motivated scheme is run. Education is the least thing they care about, $$$$$s are the only motivating factor.


All academic positions and Directors are required to have a degree. If you don't know the facts keep your mouth shut.


I totally agree with you. I was also a past full time employee that would like to say that the ITT in Sylmar, CA is a joke.

The staff is not friendly at all, nor are helping. You will learn nothing nor get a job when you graduate. Most of the teachers there can not even speak english.

It cost $48K for 2 years and $98K for a 4 year degree. This is a rip off big time.


Hi I was considering going to sylmar campus can u be more detailed about the school? And why is so bad? All these reviews are negative but I want to know why sylmar is bad too...

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Boynton Beach, Florida
When I first spoke with the reps at ITT they informed me that it wasn't difficult to drop if you absolutely had to, which it wasn't at all. They get a ton of money out of you if you complete your program or if you drop. Think before you ever sign any...
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Dallas, Texas
Itt Technical Institute Program
I was being billed from sallie mae money I did not owe. When taken my taxes they stated that was all i owed but never could give me a receipt for payoff. NOw come to find out they billed me for $8,147.87 who can i contact to complain besides their attornies? I called...
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I'm also in the process of trying to recoup the over 40K I'm out because of ITT Tech. I attended the San Diego campus for less than a year, after the first few months I knew there was a problem.

The Teachers knew nothing about the subjects we we're signed up for, one of my Teachers told our class to go home early and not to worry just to make sure we put our names on the sign up sheet. Yea I learned a lot in that class. My Auto Cad Teacher asked us to register with "" and then write about our experience. WHAT?

What did that have to do with Auto Cad!? I'm over 40K in debt because of ITT Tech and have NO degree to show for it. I spent 40K on a few books.. Thanks ITT !

I don't understand how ITT can continue to receive government grants and funding for students!

It seems fraudulent to me.

:( :( :(

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#217367 Review #217367 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Stockton, California

ITT TECH droped from course sentbill immediately to collectors

had a government loan to take courses online with ITT TECH.Completed12 credit behind on next course.They droped me out of the school,sent my government loan back to the government. They immediately sent a bill to a debt collector.Soon as the collector got the bill he began harrassing me .I am unemloyed,cannot get unemloyment benefits,and have a 1yr old child.When the collector called i told him i didnt have a job or any money.I told him when i got a job i would pay him.He repliedhe would get it out of one way or another.Ihad to unplug my phone .He started calling early every morning waking up the baby
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#216911 Review #216911 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Florence, Kentucky
I attended ITT-Tech in NY for one quarter then left. Why you may ask,because I spoke with several companies HR personnel at a local technology job fair. What I was told made me sick to my stomach. ITT Tech Degrees are considered to be what amounts to scrap paper. ...
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Decided to post some about my experience with ITT. First off ITT is a technical institute not a university so your culture at the school is going to be different. I had professors who work in the field and are really good at there jobs. When they teach, they focus on the core material. This happens when you do get a good professor, however when you find a Itt tech that is trying to compete with a university, you may find yourself getting into an Itt that teaches by the rules of the curriculum, which I was not a fan of. Make sure you do your homework when picking a school. Itt is accredited by a different agency then most universities, so this makes it harder to transfer credits to that fancy university name you want to go to later. Once again I go back to my comment about university versus institute. One disadvantage I don't like is that the schools financial aid gives more money to the lower income. Which means you have middle income that is 50/50 on going to the school to pay 80k, more lower income getting away with sitting in the class and not doing nothing because they can get a paper and barely pass or learn anything, and the higher income who can afford to pay it off for a piece of paper. :upset

So with that being said, what do you do? It all depends on what you want to do and your situation. I had the experience and knowledge of a couple certifications, but because I am just now finding out after I graduated that I have OCD, I could not pass my certifations because I did not have enough time to take them. So I would get interviews that would require me to have a bachelors degree and they would not hire me cause I didn't have the paper. I even had a job offer for 100k and I was barley done my associates. So keep in mind, if you struggle with college, try an institute that can give you a degree, but make sure you learn and gain expience so you can talk the walk because no one is going to hire you with good pay unless you really know what your doing.

I am just going to note here that I didn't have much luck with Itt career services, but I did get interviews with places. I am very picky about where and who I want to work for. The job I have now.... I applied for once with itt's help and never got a call. Then a few months later the job was posted again and Itt told me about it. Itt called the company and talked to the hr person and put in a really good word for me because I was head of my class. Then I got the interview and the rest played out the way I made it.

Another thing to keep in mind, the degree programs Itt offers is well rounded. I actually got an interview with a government contractor, one of the best in the nation because I had so much well rounded knowledge. They were impressed that I knew so much Linux, windows, Cisco, cyber security, electronics (this was a hobbie of mine), VMware, VoIP, and more. I actually was a last minute call for the position and one of the last they interviewed, and they told me I was one of the best well rounded people they interviewed. So keep in mind how that Itt degree is going to help you be more well rounded for a company.

Hope this helps some, and by the way I am typing this on the iPad and to lazy to review my grammar and spelling. Just read it like I spoke it. Lol.

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#215379 Review #215379 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Grants Pass, Oregon

ITT Technical Institute failed !

I attended ITT for 4.5 years to earn my Bachelors of Science in the field of Criminal Justice. Now that I have graduated I am finding out that the degree is not acknowledged by several companies for anything other than an internship, which could be obtained without the degree. The school itself charged $75,000 or more and the career services only send jobs making $9.00 to $12.00 and hour, which will not pay back the massive loans. The higher paying careers in companies like the FBI, CIA, and the military do not see the degree as credible. I truly believe its extortion to charge someone this kind of money and receive less than minimum education with low standards. During my time at ITT the grades were inflated, I was not only told this by a few instructors who are no longer there because they would not conform, but it was shown clearly in those who did not do homework, did not go to class and still passed with a B or sometimes with an A. The attendance was also fabricated in some instances to keep up their state standards as they call it. Also the quality I and others received was not worth $75,000 plus interest. It was repetitive, sometimes not topic specific, the courses were created not by what we needed to learn and be knowledgeable in but by what classes corporate could charge more for. The advanced classed were no different than their pre-requisites. I have contacted the school and loan company for financial help but they refuse to work with me, even though i can not obtain a entry level position with the degree. I am not by far the only one who is having this problem, and this problem is not degree specific.
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I am in the same boat as you. I took their CEET (Computers and Electronics Engineering Technology) program, luckily at the time I could not get the financing to peruse a bachelor’s degree only an associate’s, but I am on the hook for over 50K for an associate’s degree!!!

How crazy is that? I could have gone to a state school for less than that and got a bachelor’s degree…..Hind site being 20-20 I would avoid this place like the plague.


You won't get hired by the FBI with a simple Bachelor's in Criminal Justice right out of college anyway. I've been through the hiring process and was told I was chosen to test because I had a Master's in Criminal Justice. They look for advanced degrees first.


I worked at ITT in Kentucky, but I left. I couldn't deal with the way things were done.

I'm so sorry they failed you. :sigh






I could have told you that a degree from ITT Technical in the Criminal Justice field would not be recognized by the FBI or CIA. Those organizations and many more have a list of places they will accept degrees from. Just ask them.

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#210985 Review #210985 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
to anyone thinking of attending, please listen to me. i worked at a campus in southeastern Pennsylvannia for a period of only a few months..thats all i needed..It is a sales job, the directors tell you that, the schools dean tells you that, thats all our job was..We...
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Everywhere the same.

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#206809 Review #206809 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Carmel, Indiana
I am a former student of ITT Tech, and I'm in the process of forming a case against ITT Tech for fraud based on deceptive business practices, false advertising and predatory lending practices. Anyone who wishes to participate in this effort is free to contact me on my...
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May I ask you a question...YOU SAY THAT YOU GO TO ITT IN MICHIGAN!!! How can that be when ITT Tech closed everyone of their Campuses NATIONWIDE back in September.

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#205794 Review #205794 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California
RN PROGRAM IS A JOKE!! SAVE YOUR TIME, EFFORT, ENERGY, AND MONEY and go elsewhere! I have NEVER been in an ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOL but this schools environment is Alternative HIGH SCHOOL GOES TO COLLEGE! If you are looking for a program that will accept ANYONE and pass...
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Yes i'm currently in their program and have six more months to finish the only reason why I am biting the bullet and going through with the program is because I've came this far this is a unprofessional and in unorganized school do not come to the school this is nothing but a urban alternative high school

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#194253 Review #194253 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Phoenix, Arizona
Itt Technical Institute Program

Itt tech let me pay $40,000 to do nothing in life

I went to itt tech and i pretty much flew right through all the classes and half of them were a complete joke. I was in the multi media program, but from talking to other classmates all of their programs were complete ***. basically they will charge you more money than a university but your degree will help you about as much as a degree from a McDonalds happy meal. I am living proof that going to itt tech has left me with out a job, unemployed for 2 years now, and not one single response for 1000's of resumes sent out. everything i was supposed to learn at itt tech i had to go back and teach my self after i graduated. now me and my wife and children are pretty much screwed and living with her parents...while i hope to god maybe someone at taco bell can help me get a part time job.
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I am kind of feeling the same way. I'm paying a *** ton of money and i'm passing all the hard classes but all the *** classes like communication, group theory, and strategies class, it's like they take them more seriously.

None of the labs work and they just give us packets and packets of work and say here is your work and we barely ever open a book that we are paying for. But yet i'm 20,000$ in debt. Something is wrong with these schools I agree I didn't start seeing it til they brought in this teacher (will not call him a professor) he tried to teach us Linux through YouTube. He never answered and questions that we had.

I dropped out I took it over again but yet I have to pay for the classes that I sat it. BULL.... then I had IP networking. I don't blame the instructor, she had surgery she told the Dean where the assignments were and he had her come in after her surgery she was not in any shape to teach and then the next class he had not instructor until 5 mins prior to class.

We had no instructor there for a good amount of time every other class. I stopped going. I fell behind because i'm a hands on and visual learner and if you just hand me paper after paper and say do this. I'm not going to learn squat.

This school is a JOKE... all they want is peoples money yet i'm so far in that its too late to back out.

IT DON"T TRANSFER.... and I have 1 quarter left.


The funny thing is how people blame the schools for not getting them a job. It will help you get a job but in the market as bad as it is today you have to make contacts, join linkin make friends, work at a bar and find contacts who are customers.

I have been out of college for 5 years now and went to a legit 4 year university and still haven't landed a job that I WANT. Anyone who has a degree can land a job, but no one wants to work for 30,000 a year starting out because they think just because they have a degree you have a write to jump right in a company and make big bucks. Sorry it doesn't work that way, you have to work your way up.

Lawyers come out of college with 100,000 dollars in debts they start out as associates and depending on your state probably starting around 40,000 a year if that. Everyone these days get by on that mambo *** about how having a degree and make you big dollars, IN THE LONG RUN yes, but you have to be patient and pay your dues.


I go too ITT Technical Institution, i've only been their one quarter and every class i go too, i come too see that this is just a waste of my time and especially my money. They say that none of my credits will transfer to another college.?

like wtf. i want to get my bachelors degree in criminal justice. im paying $47,000 for a ASSOCIATES Degree which is two years.

thats B.S.! Can i bail out now, before i am in debt for the rest of my life?


I believe that ITT Tech is preying on people who are at a rough spot in their lives and, sorry guys, who are not very intelligent.

It would take about five to ten minutes of investigating online to find, say, this thread, and realize that ITT Tech is a scam. Community colleges and other field-specific certification courses NEVER cost more than 4-year universities (public or private) that offer BA or BS degrees which are OBVIOUSLY worth more in the long run. Knowing only this, and the cost of attending ITT Tech, we can already see that ITT Tech is a racket designed to prey on you.

I'm sorry that you got scammed, but your existence is exactly why ITT Tech exists, and why they do so well. If people would just investigate their future (their education) for a few minutes, no one would go to ITT Tech.


I just recently started ITT Tech and I was fully aware of all the pros and cons involved with attending but I find it funny that people blame there degree from ITT tech as the reason they put out 1000 resume and never get hired. Maybe there is something regarding your resume that employers don't like or maybe your apply for high paying jobs that you dont qualify for.


I got my A.A.S in C.S.A from ITT Tech in Henderson NV. I was unable to find a decent IT job anywhere.

I then went to LV-PITA and took a 8 week A+ Net+ class that financial aid covered fully ( $ 2889.00 ) that includes the tests.

I now have a decent paying job as a network administrator and owe ITT tech $ 48.000 dollars for a job that would hire me with only my certs. ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE: you cant be turned down for the jobs of tomorrow, until you pay us tuition today.


I would recommend that people think about local community colleges that offer the same programs,and better, for $900 per year. Criminal Justice, for example is a two year program with credits transferable to upper level colleges for further study.


I am a newspaper reporter in Indianapolis who writes about ITT Educational. I'm interested to talk to ITT grads about their subsequent experience landing a job.

I'm interested no matter what your experience was, good or bad.

If anyone would like to talk to me, you can contact me at jwall@***.com. Thanks.


I had graduated from ITT tech, and upon graduating, I got a job paying me 6 figures... I had taken my degree, got a few licenses from the state and now doing exceptionally well for my self.

I understand that many people can talk bad about a school, but it is a school nontheless. I took for granted the first few quarters, but quickly learned that I had needed to get more out of it. I stayed after classes, and made them earn all the money I was giving them.

I wasn't even the valedictorian or salutatorian. I was just a simple joe who took the education and did what I needed from it to be where I am at now.


Why didn't you do research on the institution and see who their accreditation was through? You said half the classes were a complete joke and you still chose to keep going??

You know when your going through school whether you are learning or not. I'm sorry but it's hard to have sympathy.

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#187367 Review #187367 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Saginaw, Michigan
Itt Technical Institute Program
My son attended ITT for about 5 months and realized he was not getting the education he thought he was paying for. He signed himself out and they charged him for another semester even though he did not attend another semester. So now, he is being harrassed at all time...
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The director is usually a recruiter who was promoted. All he/she cares about is money.

The school will do whatever it takes to ensure a student does not drop. That would be lost revenue.

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#184811 Review #184811 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lisa Burr National Registrar

i RECEIVED A LETTER FRON YOU INFORMING ME I WAS REGUSTERED TO START SCHOOL ON LINE ON 6/14/2010. I HAVE HAD PHONE CALLS TELLING YOU NOT TO REGUSTER ME NOW. I HAVE ALOT OF PROBLEMS TO TAKE CARE OF BEFORE STARTING ANY SCHOOL.I WITHDRAW ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS PROGRAM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. THANK YOU ROBERT LORSONG. i hope you understand i am not interested. At a latter date i will contact ITT institute for updated info. The problems i have now come first i wll resolve my problems before moving on with ITT schooling. Again thank you R.J.Lorsong
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Odafen, the next step is to throw it in the trash.


i m odafen aigbomobea endurance from nigeria i had printed the international school form out what is the next step


ALL of the registrars at ITT Tech are a complete joke. Lynn Galaba at Knoxville is the most two-faced, disgusting excuse for a person that I've ever worked with.

I can't tell you how many times I heard that student service was the # 1 priority but saw her deliberately screw up schedules and cause work conflicts. Run far away from this school because it will get you absolutely no return on investment.


You can reach Lisa Burr personally at 317-706-****!!! I also received email and reg mail from her saying i was enrolled....


She is sending me paper work saying i am not enrolled there. You need that as well, without it you may be looking at charges in the amount above and beyond 47000.00 Good Luck

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#183168 Review #183168 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reston, Virginia
Itt Technical Institute Program

ITT Tech is all about making profits, not quality graduates

I've submitted complaints about ITT Tech before (on this site and some others). However, there are people out there who claim that the ITT Techs at their location does not suck and offers a very good education. With that said, I guess I can't say every ITT Tech sucks since they do operate with over a hundred campuses nationwide. I don't know which ones suck and which ones don't, but I've read blogs and talked to people going to ITT Techs at a lot of other states and most of them have been saying the same things that I have. It's all over the internet and students at my campus are saying the same thing, everyone is saying that ITT Tech offers a very poor quality education and they're overcharging for it. How are they going to charge us an immense amount of tuition as though they were a top notch school like Harvard or M.I.T. when are not a school that is up that high of the totem pole? ITT is among down there in the bottom of the totem pole. The education quality they offer doesn't even come close to that of even a high school education. They over exaggerate their degree programs and their job placement rates just so they can lure in students to collect their pell grants and other financial aid sources, it's like a predator laying a trap to catch it's prey and then sucking it's blood dry. They also use the recession to scare students, and say things like: in today's economy, you have to have a college degree to get a job. Our degree programs get students into recession-proof jobs. With a degree from here, you can make $40-$50,000 a year right after you graduate (with an associates degree...). And they show you all kinds of statistics to try and back it up. I know all this because I am a current student and they used all these techniques on me the day I enrolled. I was a sucker that fell for it, and now I'm in for something that I'm going to regret big time. As of right now, my campus increased their tuition to $495 per credit hour and you need 96 credit hours to get an associates. Holy shiet...... 12 of my classmates are transferring out to other for profit schools like the University of Phoenix, the Art Institute, etc. They still may be for profit schools, but at least they push you a lot harder so that you'll actually learn something. And my classmates told me that places like the University of Phoenix don't charge as much as ITT. The reason they chose for profit schools again was because ITT Tech's credit won't transfer anywhere else, but to schools like these. They wished they never enrolled here at ITT in the first place, but it was too late, they've already spend the last 16 months here. They're just glad their credits were able to transfer anywhere at all. Bottom line is, avoid for-profit schools like ITT Tech. Well, there is nothing wrong with for-profit schools, but just make sure you get the quality education you pay for, not just some *** Tech quality education that won't even make 1st graders break a sweat. I myself am looking for a much better school with a better quality of education. It's going to be tough since I went to a school that's nationally accredited (yes, ITT is accredited by the ACICS, a career college accrediting commission). What schools like ITT Tech are doing is similar to what the banks did to drive this country towards the recession, in a way. They lure in students into their *** *** programs and lie to them and sell them fake dreams, etc. And then they take all their pell grant money and make students take out ridiculous amounts of loans that really require a high paying job pay back. Then, when students graduate, no one will hire them because ITT did not really prepare them to enter the workforce or employers recognized how unskilled these graduates are. Some might land jobs, but it might either be at Burger King or at some job that pays only $10-$13 bucks an hour. And with only $10 an hour, how in *** are students expected to pay back over $45,000 for a degree that did not get them anywhere? The students then find themselves back in day one, the situation where they are struggling to find employment and thought that getting an education was the only way out. The students then are only to find that they've just wasted a lot of time and have been scammed for all their money. Students are most likely to default on loans and have no way of paying the money back, because they are barely able to make ends meet. They might try to file for bankruptcy, but they don't know that it's extremely hard to file bankruptcy on student loans. Next thing you know, you have thousands and thousands of students who went to for-profit schools like ITT and cannot afford to pay loans back. What do you think will happen next? Another bailout? Please, please, please, please, please!!! Do not pick this school to invest in getting an education in. You will regret it big time. ITT Tech does not adequately prepare students to enter the job market so why should you be in debt over a degree that won't get you anywhere in life?
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I work at ITT. Corporate is micromanaging ALL levels of our school to the point where all of us (full time) types from the director down are looking very hard to get out of there.

Currently corporate, meaning Mr. midget Modany is requiring all school to make sure we have a higher student to teacher ratio. That saves him money (for over 135 schools) so Napoleon Modany can save more / still receive his ungodly bonus, last year it was over 6 or 8 million dollars. The managers here must take on more tasks and cannot spend any money.

His shortness is so paranoid about the government digging into ITT business we cannot do anything or hand out anything unless corporate checks it first. It takes a lot of time to do this, so the students suffer no matter what we need approved. ITT should stand for it takes time. Modany cares nothing about students, instructors, chairs, deans, etc.

It is all about making a profit. If by chance through our hard work and thriftiness we happen to do well with our Personal Performance review by hitting all of our “numbers”, maybe the students may come out ahead. For our performance criteria we are given goals that we have absolutely no control over. That way corporate gives us *** raises because we cannot meet or numbers.

ITT Chairs are forced to call back students that either should not be call back for academic reasons, or students that simply cannot afford the almost $50K for an associates degree. This forced mess is called a reentry and is a revenue stream that corporate loves. It is more cost effective to bring in struggling students than it is to dig up new ones. I hear that the chairs spend so much time doing this task that it takes precedence over most anything else, and they are over worked the way it is.

Again, working for Modany’s yacht payment, not the students needs. The instructors here are very dedicated and really care about the students and what they learn. We all try very hard to make sure we do a great job despite the lack of care from corporate. Corporate spends more time trying to get dignitaries into coming to visit campuses (like Senators and Representatives from state and federal government) so we play well to the public and we grease the right palm.

I would think the future golden parachute CEO could tithe his bonus and make available scholarships for the students, or at least give something back. Geez, there is so much more wrong with this place. Good thing at a local level we all care and do our jobs well. I am very proud of the effort all of us put forth and know first hand that many do go on to great jobs.

For the students it is what they make it, just like any other college or university. God bless them all.

If you every go to an ITT to check tem out make sure you ask about the TRUE student to instructor ratio. It is more like 40:1 or more early on.


I graduated from ITT with a BSEET degree. The education is phenomenal.

My technical abilities exceed some peoples who have MSEET degrees from state universities. I do have held sweet jobs for the last eight years. However, the degree does carry a stigma. This has been expressed by my employer and it was made clear that certain jobs are off limits because of my degree.

In short, I make a comfortable living and will always do so. (This will be the fourth year I made over 50k and I’ve been out of school for three years.) ITT does provide an outstanding education.

Regardless, if you are looking to go to school, chose a state university. You will goes for the same amount of time, you will pay less and your degree will not carry the stigma.


Just for one semester I was charged almost 7000,00 that school is not worth it. And yes the book were very old.


Graduated with a Degreen In Computer Network systems, school does not educate for the future. They are education for profit, hence the very high cost of there *** education. (strongsville, oh)

They used ancient text books & very old materials.

Only a few classes were actually benefifical to my carrerr objectives and my degree, and even those classes were pretty bad.

Save your money, go to a "Real School" of just get some self help books and your own certifications; Than you can actually learn current and beneficial topics and not have very high student loans.


I agree with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that is on this post. ITT-TECH is a waste of my life and my time.

There is no motivation, its the same thing every day. I am in the Criminal Justice Bachelor degree and it's 80-90 THOUSAND DOLLARS down the drain. They got me when I first got out of high school so I did not know what I was headed in for. If I knew what I know now.

A University anywhere would be the best choice. DO FALL FOR ITT_TECH TRAP.


The reason why ALL of the for-profit schools are below standard educationally is because ALL employees - from the janitors to the CEOs (and yes, they are first and foremost MONEYMAKING BUSINESS!) are on a pure number quota. In other words, the employees (that you trusted so much in the beginning) DO NOT get paid or DO NOT make huge bonuses unless they lie, cheat, and do anything possible in order to get your signature on the admissions and financial aid paperwork.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

ITT Tech is not worth paying thousands of dollars for, not worth it!!

I started going to school here about 8 months ago for an A.A.S. in Computer Network Systems. I was going to another school before, but it sucked and I left. My supervisor found out about me dropping out and told me the school I was going to had a bad reputation. He then told me that he was going to ITT Tech and it was a great school, so I went and checked it out. I got to tour the building, see the classes, meet some instructors, etc. Everything looked great so I decided to enroll and started my 1st quarter about a week later. Everything was going well at first until I realized that some of my classes were so easy and we were not learning what we were supposed to be learning. Two of my instructors spent more time talking about their personal lives and their cars rather than the course subjects. Everybody else was like it's okay, easy A's right? But come on, we're paying like around $450 per credit hour (and it's pending to go up) for these classes, why are we paying someone to talk about their kids or their divorce or how their Volkswagen was poorly serviced? They shouldn't be charging for these piece of *** classes anyways. So, I thought maybe the classes were this way because they're just the introductory classes and maybe they were meant to be like that. Maybe next quarter will be different. Then next quarter came and I had two of the same teachers that taught last quarter teach two of my 2nd quarter classes. I had the same guy from Intro to PC teach Operating Systems, and the same red haired lady from Strategies for Comp 1. Man, it *** sucked big time. For Comp 1, it seemed like the lady was dumbing down the class on purpose. She rarely had us write papers (even though Comp 1 was a writing class) and any homework given was a complete joke. Probably the hardest assignment I've had from her was write one paragraph about what a thesis statement is. Huh? Didn't I learn this back in junior high? We did have a final paper that she tried to make look intimidating, but it was just 500 words of a chosen topic in APA format. She said "make sure you use correct grammar, puctuation, capitalization, and all your citations are there. If not I will give you a 0." Oooh..I'm scared. I finished the paper the same day, and turned it in the same day. Got a 100 on it....Wow...Then that must mean she did not even look at it, lol. Even though we didn't accomplish much in this class as far as learning writing skills, we still have to pay for it...Jesus Christ. $450 x 4 credit hours = $1800. $1800 for nothing... Well, I did get a A, but what good is the A if I didn't get any better at writing? Operating system was the same. We did labwork first and then the lecture. In the lab, every time somebody had a question or had a problem, the instructor was clueless. He had to keep calling in the school network administrator to help out and answer anything regarding PC problems. And the instructor was supposedly a "computer science know-it-all." Labwork was easy, it was pretty much just follow the instructions and fill in the blank type work (homework was the same way). The lecture was even worse. It was lectured off of a PowerPoint presentation and he would skip a lot of the slides just so class would be over sooner. So, everything he talked about was either read off of the slides, or the textbook. If you asked him about computer stuff or go into detail, he would get nervous and just say he doesn't remember. I had a bad experience in this class. But, I really wanted to learn about operating systems, so I studied on my own for hours every night and made simulations on one of my old computers so that my learning experience won't have to be in vein. I learned more about computers and operating systems and no thanks to this guy. Did everything on my own. I still have to pay for the class though, that's what sucks. I'm in my 3rd quarter now and things are getting a bit better except for my Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems class. The instructor just wants to hurry and skim through the book so we can hurry and go to the lab. And once we're in the lab, he tells us everyday that we do not have to do it, but he'll still give us the points as long as our butts stay in the chair. He didn't care if anybody played games, surfed the web, listen to iPods, or slept. I'm different than most of my classmates though, because unlike them, I actually want to learn computer skills. I've been doing every lab, homework assignment, and read every chapter we were supposed to. I even do extra studying on chapters we never went over in class. I know everything I know now thanks to myself. Yup, myself. I should be reimbursed for having to learn everything myself dammit. In the end, I'm just going to get a piece of paper that costs over $45,000 with my name on it. That paper will remind me of what I had to go through; all the extra studying I had to do myself about things I wasn't learning from the instructors. Some of you might say "you get out what you put in." I know that, but we're paying $450 per credit hour for these punkasses to stand in front and talk. Shouldn't we be getting more than skimming through books, labs that don't require effort, listening to personal lives, getting out of class early, easy homework, and questions that don't get straight answers? I'm just afraid of one thing: employers looking down on my degree because it has ITT Tech on it and tossing my resume straight to the bin. I hope they don't think all students from ITT Tech are unskilled *** bags (I don't blame them for thinking that, cuhz most students here are douches who don't know *** about their field). I work hard every quarter to learn new skills by myself, and it would be painful if an HR person looks at my education on my resume before anything else and sees those three big letters, ITT, and decides to crumble it up. I can't transfer out now, credits don't even transfer. It's a nationally accredited school (by the ACICS) so I'll have to find another school that's nationally accredited. But, ITT is probably the only nationally accredited school with recognition (if any) in my area. All the others suck, like the one I went to before. Universities and community colleges are regionally accredited and if I drop out now, I'll have to start all over again and I don't want to do that cuhz then I'll have to start paying ITT back. I might find myself having to work 2 jobs just to payoff what they will charge me :-/ If your thinking about going to ITT Tech, smoke a joint and get that thought out of your head. If you are still thinking about it, smoke some stronger ***.
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As I am sitting on my computer and laughing at the comments both good and bad, I can not help but think about my experience so far since I have been in ITT Tech here in Tampa. The staff is horrible but couple of the teachers are legit.


I just recently graduated from Itt-Technical Institute and I received my associate's in criminal justice. 1 month before I graduated I started a new job in my field of study. I was fortunate to have gotten this job and if I had not been getting my education I wouldn't have got this job. I was a the right place at the right time.

What I have found out about some of the negative comments are usually from people who are failing and looking to blame the institution rather than themselves or they are expecting someone else to find the job for them.

Someone is always going to have negative comments no matter where they are enrolled, they just need to take a closer look in the mirror a little longer.

The only regret I have is not getting my education earlier in life. If I had not enrolled at Itt-Tech I wouldn't be where I am today. Itt pointed me in the right direction all I had to do was follow through.


To the pretentious *** below, it's "esp." not "exp".

"Especially," not "expecially."

Yeah, I can play this game too.


I am pretty sure debt is spelled "debt" not "dept". If You can't spell a easy commonly used word like that then you should probably be going back to a community college for basic English and Skeptic ITT being a "horrible school" you would need to take into consideration schools location, teachers exp, willingness to teach the right curriculum, etc.

and overall what the student wants therefore comes down to opinion but realize that you would have to deal with that at any school. Though I do agree probably a *** ton overpriced but when you take the big *** lodged in your ear *** your brain out you would know that few if any community colleges don't have bachelors programs. You would need to go to a 4 year university.

So the only thing "illogical" would probably be the big *** still in your ear.

p.s. I have a theoretical degree in theoretical science so educate yourself before you talk *** Skeptic :grin


Im making bank now thanks to itt tech


I think ITT is worth it. I was very chanlenged in my Degree CNS and am going on for ISS. How ever it is hard to find a job but what is not these days


I requested to be unrolled within the two week time frame set by ITT...however they kept me enrolled for 2 months after my repeated request to unroll me. They then charged me for that semester.

I left ITT due to illness.

ITT never sent me a bill then turned me over to collection for 4000.00. I will not pay a dime of this money and do not have my health to fight them.


someone please advise me i was at a campus where the all of the teachers were great. We had a wonderful dean and chair.

I had to dropout and attend the online school. when i was at the campus i was taking cns and now i am taking web designs online.

Web design is really what i wanted to do from the get go. Someone please advise me if you have taken the web design class online is it worth it.




It must be the campus you go to im at the seattle campus and we are slammed with homework and we learn alot the first 3 quarters were very easy, after that things got alot harder and we were being challenged to learn new things. alot of the things you learn in class just brush the subject it is up to you to learn the subject in detail.

if your lazy and dont put in the work then yeah you wont learn anything. but most of what you will learn is going to be on the job after graduation.

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