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ITT is a worthless school

Itt tech is worthless i am in quarter 2 of my classes at itt tech in arounld mo i wont complte my education. i passed my 2 classes wit a + and i failed my math class ge184. i got called to the dean office and she said i would not be able to contiune my education because of my gpa. that a bunch of bull but i tryed to fiht it but lost and two days after they told me i would not come back for quarter 2 they sent me a 10,000 dollar bill and i called and asked what that was for and they said for any reason you dont complete your school you are billed for the paper work and biled for the test you took before you enternd school.And i somehow racked up 56,000 dollars in sallie mae bills for just 1 quarter in school. this school is a rip off and also dont tell anthor collage you went there . i told devery my problem with itt tech they also said they cant let me go to school there so itt tech is bad.The only good thing at that school is you can print lots and lots of pappers off the net for free.
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you can't even spell so i know *** well you sure can't *** count!!!


May be you should start with your english and then post comments. :roll


your grammatical errors could be a indication as why you got booted out. on the same token ( whatever ) made fun of your grammar by miss spelling sentence ( scentence ) which could indicate he was a ITT graduate.


I had graduated from ITT and got a 6 figure job, but the thing is I knew how to spell.


Fortunately you did not have to stay i "collage."



You can't even gramatically compose a scentence. I highly doubt 1 quarter costs $56,000 dollars. Get a life :)


Looks like they did you a favor. You would have failed English too.

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Wright City, Missouri
(My response to a "you're not worthy" email I got from ITT after being invited to a supposed interview) Hello, ITT Tech. I am glad to have the opportunity to reply to your email as I wish to describe my experience during my "interview" yesterday. Not only was it a...
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Maybe lady if your skirt was longer or you looked more professional you would have gotten the job. Some of us depend on our brains to get hired.

Stop depending on your body parts Kim Lawson, and dump out some of that negativity (especially on group interviews)and maybe someone will hire you. You blame the Director, the school, the computers, the desk, if there was a service pet in the room you would blame it too. You're not accountable and it just irritates me. The director Edwina give clear instructions, explained why we were testing in the computer lab, give an option to test later, and wouldn't give the answer to the test away that you and your buddy wanted.If the rest of us passed, it should tell you something. weren't qualified with an seventh grade education? If the students have to take the test to go to school there, why would the school let someone less bright mentor that student? Duh!* I didn't take the job because I got a higher offer elsewhere with another school but I wish I had the opportunity to work for that lady. She was great with everyone.

I was just looking for her since I kept her card to see if she would hire me now and came across this. Shame on you Kim Lawson! You must still be unemployed or some company somewhere fell prey and is suffering at your hands...probably going through a lawsuit by the looks of you.

Next time, do your homework before going on an interview. Maybe I lucked out on not working for ITT based on other comments but please let's look at ourselves first and our shortcomings, and take responsibility for our actions before blaming others for our own self destruction.

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#172971 Review #172971 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fremont, California

ITT Tech does not care about student schedules

I am a current student at ITT Technical Institute in Knoxville TN. The one thing that I have indeed noticed is that lack of concern for you once you start your classes compared to before you sign the paperwork. However, the biggest problem that I have is that they will constantly change their class schedules. I told them right from the start that I could only work morning classes, but every quarter I somehow get scheduled for night classes. I have 5 classes left until graduation and out of those, only one is a morning class. If I cannot get anything worked out with them, it will delay my graduation another quarter. I sent the chair an email about changing them and he just responded with the same classes and the same time. I have never seen a school that costs so much that cannot have morning and evening classes. Almost every school that I have seen has day classes by default and will offer evening classes as an option. However, ITT will actually change a class to work with an instructor's schedule. I am most definitely not seeking my Bachelors Degree with them. I barely feel as if I have learned anything at all these last two years.
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Hey Kim Lawson I applied at ITT the same day as you and the Director of Recruitment Edwina Morgan-Forh did our overview. I sat next to you.

I remember you well because you were dressed in some pretty short and tight clothes and I kept having to look away when you maneuvered. The room was a bit noisy initially but if you had quit bending over so much you would have heard the lady's reasonable explanation and it did clear out for testing. Why don't you just own up to your own short comings and stop looking for other people to blame for what you should know. I bet you still don't have a job.

I did pass that test with quite a few others. I came here to complain about something else but your simplicity just made me rethink. I see how ignorant people can appear here, especially when you know the facts. Never mind ITT.

I'll take my own advise and reevaluate. I see there are obviously worse offs than you guys.


i am currently at itt in knoxville as well but they have worked around my schedule and my mothers. my mother works night shift and i am a single mother.

i can not do days i have to have evening class and they understood my condition and i have only ever recieved evening classes. i have one class during the day and that is on saturdays which there are no evening classes for that day.

i don't see why they wouldn't work with you the way they have with me. if you would like to chat more you can email me at ksaffell@*** :)

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#172516 Review #172516 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Maryville, Tennessee

I am surpassed Itt Tech still in the education business

ITT TECH is the nastiest school on earth!!!! ITT TECH runs by used car salesmen and the most horrible management practices, most immoral and unethical they violate state and federal laws but they have the best lawyers on payroll (will get them out of any Contravention most of the time) I filed complaints with the attorney general, State of California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau and they both told me they couldn't do anything. I filed complaints with the City Officials and after investigating they found no fault with ITT TECH. ITT is surely paying off any and every agency that could get them in troubles. Who would have thought that an educational institute in the U.S.A can be allowed to be up and running with so many complaints, ethics, morals violations, and educational deception and fraud. Do not forget at ITT TECH you are not a student you are only a "start number". ITT TEC is the nastiest business on earth, it's not a school, and this institute runs by animals the only concern of these animals in the HQ is to increase profits and do not care about students or education. But I did find some help with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, please send your complains to Or call ACICS "Ms. Shameka Erby at (202) 336-****" This is our last hope.
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"ITT Student" and "anonymous" should re-name themselves "ITT corporate employee" and "ITT stockholder". Believe me when I say, they have employees whose job is to "troll" consumer complaint websites, such as this, to discredit actual consumers who have been "screwed" by ITT.

Tell us! How much your tuition is?

Big shots! ( Or should I say, your salaries AT ITT.)


You are absolutely correct. ITT is paying off the BBB and it is a total SCAM.

Anyone who registers to "be educated" by these profiteers are in for a lifetime of debt. The Dept. of Education surely is aware of the fact that these schools are getting "unheard of" loans for a second-rate education.

They're in on it too. This is America's way of keeping the minorities and under-privileged masses forever in debt.


i think what he mean to say is: "I AM SUCHANASS..." People lets first get our middle school education done, basic math, reading, and writing..etc.. only after we can put a sentence together can we expect to make a good argument on the subject. Good luck with your issues and on-going education.


you are clearly "surpassed". good luck with that.


NO!!! not surpassed!!! help us all


It is true, a friend that attended ITT for both his AS & BS degrees is trying to get a petition signed to sue them. The BBB and others are bought off as he stated, it is all about the $_$ and they are scamming the '%@#X!' out of gullible students $_$.

Many who are sincerely looking for a degree and to learn computer skill for a good job are in for a grave disappointment.

ITT is a huge business SCAM & a joke and they should all be shut down.

You want to succeed in the IT field? Stay away from ITT & go to a real school/college elsewhere.


You are "surpassed?"

Could you actually mean, you are, "surprised?"

As in: Wow, no way, uh-uh, you're kidding me, really, are you serious, get out of here, and/or:

I'm shocked!

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#167143 Review #167143 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

ITT Tech is a joke

ITT TECH runs by used car salesmen and the most horrible management practices, most immoral and unethical they violate state and federal laws but they have the best lawyers on payroll (will get them out of any Contravention most of the time) I filed complaints with the attorney general and the Better Business Bureau and they both told me they couldn't do anything. I filed complaints with the City Officials and after investigating they found no fault with ITT TECH. ITT is surely paying off any and every agency that could get them in troubles. Who would have thought that an educational institute in the U.S.A can be allowed to be up and running with so many complaints, ethics, morals violations, and educational deception and fraud. Do not forget at ITT TECH you are not a student you are only a "start number". ITT TEC is the nastiest business on earth, it's not a school, and this institute runs by animals the only concern of these animals in the HQ is to increase profits and do not care about students or education. But I did find some help with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, please send your complains to This is our last hope.
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Why are they advertised everywhere and still in business?


WOW!!! ITTMAFIA your grammar is horrible!

It is no surprise that you were enrolled at this degree mill. Your sub-standard writing skills are a clear indication that you are unqualified to a attend an accredited university. Although ITT is misleading on the quality of its programs, someone like you who most certainly did not do well on the SAT or ACT, would be limited to attending a technical school or degree mill such as ITT.

ALthough ITT is overpriced, it does serve a purpose as a feeder for basic entry-level positions. You have to be honest with yourself, if you ended up at ITT after high school it is because you never had the academic aptitude for a traditional university.


Considering most of you seem entirely unable to finish a sentence without some sort of error, I HIGHLY DOUBT you could pass at itt tech and much less that you could pass at a community college, and you guessed it, the likely hood of you passing at an actual 4 year state or private college is NON EXISTENT. *** *** jizzwads, there is that something you can understand ?


Why are you so mad? I don't understand.


My words are true from the bottom of my heart. I had been there for half year and i had experienced a lot of BS thiings going on in that so called "School".

A rip off animal, a *** cheap people "salecar men" uhmm..not people i mean those *** Teachers and Managements. They somewhat can not even speak english well so i wonder how can they teach? they dont care about students at all, trust me after review all the comment/compaint i believe that was true. Even the director is a BIG joke ever, here in Chantilly VA ,she got a weird laugh imagine this animal come from a circuit graduate from a cheap school struggle to be so called "director", look not as a teacher at all i like LOL.

:cry cry people, to those formal students have dropped out show your emotion to us when you look at how much you owe them regarding the loan and what you got? *** credit never able to transfered anywhere, employers absolutely laugh at you when they know you attend this bs itt. Now take my words and dont let those animal rip you off or you guy will regret.

Lucky me i drop out earlier but you guy can tell how much anger i tryna swallow and spend my time working pay the HUGE loans. Move on and good luck


I totally agree with you. I was also a past full time employee that would like to say that the ITT in Sylmar, CA is a joke.

The staff is not friendly at all, nor are helping. You will learn nothing nor get a job when you graduate. Most of the teachers there can not even speak english.

It cost $48K for 2 years and $98K for a 4 year degree. This is a rip off big time.


I totally agree with you. I was also a past full time employee that would like to say that the ITT in Sylmar, CA is a joke.

The staff is not friendly at all, nor are helping. You will learn nothing nor get a job when you graduate. Most of the teachers there can not even speak english.

It cost $48K for 2 years and $98K for a 4 year degree. This is a rip off big time.


I've been going to ITT for over a year and my credits won't transfer anywhere but ITT si I am forced to finish my associates degree with them or I'm out like 25 grand and that's only the first year... Dont go there it's a scam no real company will hire you this friggin place is a joke


agree wit da person b4 me man itt tec got me this sweeeeeet gig at wendys now im a "burger patty technician."


u people are just upset cause you culdnt make da cutt. kwitcher *** cause you don got a good degree like me from ITT.

I now have a good job cleanin toilets at teh local high skool. It pays to go to ITT!

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#166499 Review #166499 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

ITT Tech soon will go down

I am working for ITT and I know what's going on, everybody knows ITT-TECH and their fabricated information and invented reports, I am surpassed they still in the education business, they should be in the Sublime loans or any fraud and unethical business. The only concern of the management in the HQ is to increase profits and do not care about students, I believe ITT Tech soon will go down because I know about many lawsuits waiting for ITT. Who would have thought that an educational institute in the U.S.A can be allowed to be up and running with so many complaints, ethics, morals violations, and educational deception and fraud.
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I went there to try and get my Bachelor's for Networking as I was a student who came from Vaterrott. Well, I dropped out of ITT Tech two weeks into the program & they wouldn't refund most of my money.

I had a teacher who was completely clueless & pretty much a dumbf***. I went to the Dean to tell him I wasn't learning anything b/c my instructor had no idea how to do anything & called him an ***. And the Dean called me a liar, & I basically went in on a Friday to the Registrars office cuz she gave me trouble too, & I straight up told hey what I thought of her & the school, went to the office & dropped out.

Oh and we never had the right technology to do any of our labs from the textbook. This was the campus in Earth City, MO.


During my interview I revealed Im a convicted felon and I was assured they had companies that would look pass my background, I graduated in 2009 & I'm stilliunemployed. *Canton Ave location* the program is a joke, they got paid and left me with the bill, no job & bad credit.



I'm glad to 'hear' that ITT is going down.

It is a huge business SCAM + Rip-off! I was starting to wish that I never went there for my B.S. degree in IT. No jobs available in the whole county do to a "struggling economy" and do not think they'll help you find anything.

You're on your own with the Debt. and stress after you finish. ITT is a joke, FALSE advertisement on those TV commercials, that almost made me sick to my stomach. Sure I'm a sucker and fool for falling for it like I did, but I keep pressing on.

I'll work for myself and make the best of it. Good bye ITT and hope you go out of business for good!







If you think ITT Technical Institute is a joke, Tesst College in the Baltimore/DC area is the same. Most of the teachers don't give a *** about educating students.

The school is only interested in taking your money. "IF" you absolutely need an education, find a good two and four year college.


well say to say i go to itt in wulminton,ma....... the school sucks...the classes our not set up right at all..

it is all about the money there and every one know's it...whats sad is i went to itt cuz every one said the school was a good school but after being there a year i know i blew 47k and that comes out to 70k when its payed off.i won't say i havent learned any thing cuz i have but i should know a ton more then i do at this time,btw if i would of wenr to bunker hill it would of only cost me 28k and i would of got 10k off for having this point im just tryn to learn as much as i can even if i have to learn it online...but if i could do it all over > i would of never even walked in thre...the 1st post is so right its about the cash there....ive taken classes that i shouldnt have even taken yet and that means i learned less and my g.p.a.

will be lower then it should have been... all i can say is the school sucks...plz stay away...


I too work at ITT. What part about the school being a "for profit" institution surprised you?!

This is a great life lesson for individuals to do well in their studies in high school so that they have other options besides schools like ITT to go to. The business end of ITT OF COURSE wants to make a profit, the academic side struggles to keep standards while passing enough students to keep their jobs.


I went to a Technical College last year and graduated with my Associates in Graphics Arts and owe 11K. I found out my son who is in Game Design/Computer Programming at ITT-Green Bay, WI is being ripped off.

ITT's 2 year is 47K and the other 2yr is 41K. So 87K for a worthless Degree. I am filing a lawsuit for misrepresentation, fraud, and whatever else. They didn't disclose the cost, lied about consolidation, and about several other things.

DONT ATTEND ANY SCHOOL before you get feedback from many employers in your desired field about the school you are interested in.

I found out too late and now he owes $35K so far. He's dropping and gong somewhere else.


ITT is about to lose federal money for loans to students. This means that the ghetto and barrio *** that has been allowed to attend there will no longer have that opportunity.

I laugh my *** off quietly as the children of the Democratic Reform actually think they are going to be working professionals.

Other instructors do the same thing. :)


I work at ITT as well. They pay very little.

That does not bother me as much as the culture. There is too much "barrio"

at the Austin, TX campus. Too many little thugs running around. Degrees are given to them.

None of them will ever get a real job because the school allows their thug demeanor to go unnoticed. Most of them cannot even interview properly.

They dress in gang attire all the time and talk trash. Most companies today have placement tests and these students can't even pass them.

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#166168 Review #166168 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

ITT-Tech is a Diploma Mill - Period !!!

Where to begin...? ITT-Tech panders to students who could barely make it through high school (for the most part) by swindling them out of their hard-earned money, under the guise of "financial aid". All in all, the whole operation is a financial aid scam. If the DOE stopped enabling them to swindle financial aid from students, the whole operation would fall flat enough to dissolve into bankruptcy, tomorrow. For the most part, the company gets quality instructors who are down and out, hires them, abuses them, and then fires them, without cause, or they make up a cause for termination. Most instructors know their stuff pretty well, but when they learn how the operation is really operated, they either quickly divorce themselves from the company, or they make the mistake of mentioning some of the many inconsistencies within earshot of an administrator. Then, without warning, and even with glowing evaluations, that instructor is fired within days. Students need to know that the grades they actually receive from ITT-Tech are NOT indicative of their actual progress, but are inflated so that 1) the student keeps on attending, thus ensuring a steady stream of financial aid keep flowing into the company, and 2) the instructor can boost their numbers (metrics) to get bonuses. Yep, you heard right! Grades are for hire! Especially, since the metrics changed last January (2009), and now all instructors' jobs depend on students getting A's and B's and attending every class. Instructors even hold pizza parties and bring in sweets and goodies, just to entice students to come to class and increase their grades. Students very seldom have homework, nor do they do the homework they are requested to do, yet miraculously, they garner A's and B's for final grades. Heck, last year, Dr. Hill (Dean of Education) even went to arbitration and ended up awarding a supposed Bachelor's Degree to a guy with a 3rd grade reading level! Thank God I finally caught on at the local community college and don't have to be subjected to ITT's *** any more! Also, they charge $40,000 for a 2-year degree; by comparison, the local, fully-accredited community college, charges $3995/ semester. Huge difference! Also, I complained 3 times to HR about the fact that every time I entered the building through the faculty entrance, I had to hold my breath for all the smokers who blocked the entrance every day. Nothing was ever done, even when I made my complaint formal.
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You people complaining about ITT Tech sound like a bunch of *** losers. I can almost put money on it, that the main reason why you retards are in debt with this school-is because you either missed class multiple times or flat out failed.

If you apply yourself, study, and do the work that is given to you ON TIME, then there's no reason why you shouldn't pass with flying colors. One person even commented saying her daughter is in debt because dropped out....Well no ***! that's the problem! You idiots expect a *** slap on the wrist for the utterly *** decisions you make.

You *** need to start taking responsibility for your own actions. It's simple.

It's life. Get over it *** :) :) :) :) :) :)


I don't know what the first poster was talking about. I graduated ITT last year, had homework everyday.

There was only a hand full of times I did not recive homework. Career services was great, they found me a paid internship, and heled me find a job at a local think tank. I had problems with one instructor, stated my problems on a student survey that all students were required to fill out, got a call from the dean and the problem was solved.

Yes ITT is expensive, but you get a degree in 1 1/2 and only have to go 3 times a week. There are some things that I would change, but for the most part I am happy with my education, and the life I live now.


Does anybody know where the headquarters is for this outfit?


Carmel Indiana


My daughter began at ITT in 2005 and though she dropped out she is still stuck with an huge bill. They had her on work study and then let her go for bogus reasons per the Dean, she was going to class and working 2 jobs and she had to stop going for a semester.

She started attending again, while working only one job and what did they do? They changed her schedule out of the blue because either not enough students in class or teacher availablility changed. That is not her fault when they knew her work schedule so she had to stop going. I am so upset that she has to pay all of that money back for nil.

She wants to go to school and asked for a deferment but the private loan says no even though the gov loans have approved the deferment. Schools are the biggest scammers out there and unfortunately ITT is the king. I just saw that they are not regionally accredited but they are accredited thru the Mercedes of Accreditation Agencies but only because they buy the accreditation. WOW!!!

So you can't transfer credits to a real college because they have paid to be able to say we are accredited but that doesn't do anyone any good in the long run if you don't get a top IT job.

So they don't go thru the proper procedures for accreditations because they pay top dollar for the certificate and then get reimbursed via the ill-informed students ie.. that's why the tuition is so very high.


I was called by a local Dean of an ITT Tech School about coming in for an interview about a job. I arrived with a portion of my work, a copy of the books I had written on the subject matter and all the professional certificates I had received in my career. The dean flat told me they do no look at your OTJ experience, they just want to see if your "credentials" show you can teach the class, or you have a "degree" in the subject matter!

Well...I have been working in my field for 30 years, graduated with a BS and MS before there were degrees in my "subject Matter" AND have documentation to prove my experience and expertise. BUT...that doesn't count. It's got to be on a transcript. None of my courses are, because they don't exist in my technical field.

I abruptly ended our "meeting" told the Dead i was not interested in Working for ITT Tech. I was not impressed by the schools attitude or policies. Its all a scam and diploma mill. The people they hire to teach may not have any experience in the subject matter, only a "course" listed on a transcript.

I would not recommend anyone attending the school. It's cheaper to go to a two-year technical college. At least there the instructors don't teach off a script or use a "canned curriculum". AND its CHEAPER


I agree there schools education is by far a joke but I used the somewhat training I got to pass my A+net+ certifications and upon graduating my A.A.S in C.S.A landed me a good job.


My son moved 880 miles from home to attend ITT Marine Mechanic Institute. He of course got the FASFA along with a small grant.

Now he is stuck with approximately a $30,000 bill, he is shy of 15 weeks from finishing the course and found out from other guys who did finish before him that the certificate doesn't mean a thing! Also, he failed classes because of tardies, 3 times during one three week class and had to re-take the class along with a $1200 fee that had to be paid before he could re-take. He also had to sit out for 3 weeks before re-taking which set him back 6 weeks behind classmates. I am not saying my son did everything right, because he shouldn't have been tardy, but I thought this school was more like college.

In college, as long as you pay, they don't care if you show up, you just better pass the tests and turn in the assignments or you fail. Their rules on tardies and grades were contradictory and when my son questioned the administrator, he was dismissed from his office without an explanation. Do you think reporting them to the Dept. of Education would do any good?

I am sick over the money he owes and he didn't get a $2000 education, let alone $30,000! The school also didn't have any updated equipment, no books at all, old and very few tools. I am curious where all of the money goes because they run those students through school like herds of cattle. If anyone else has been burned, let me know.

We may do better with the Dept.

of Education in numbers. We may also need to write our representatives and congressmen to let them know what this money sucking establishment is doing to people.


I also work at ITT and I am slowly seeing how all these things are true. It is definitely the case that instructors take the fall for irresponsible students, and in turn, get rewarded for inflating grades and participation.

The system for evaluating faculty is truly outrageous, too. I have taught at other colleges before and I hope I can find another position soon because there is definitely something wrong with the way ITT runs its business.


I completed 3 quarters in the Duluth Ga Campus and while there Teachers were not getting paid and when they did it would be late. Also they would work some of the staff to the bones and not get the appreciation for the work.

If the students did not come to class or wanted to drop out they would take it out on the teacher to the point if to many dropped they would get fired. I would constantly get frustrated with the teachers because for thoughs of us that wanted an education we had to slow are learning pase down for those that did not do the work. Then I come to find out that the loan I was told that was through the school is really only a temp loan and that I was sapost to be making payments to even go to school. I was told also that I would not have to pay any loans until I finish or quit.

Well I was not given a choice but to quit cause they told me if I wanted to continue school I would have to either pay 7k+ dollars of make 800.00 a month payment for 9 months.

Who on gods green earth has that kind of money when you have a family with 4 kids to take care of I told them when I signed up if I was going to have to make payment I would not be able to go hear and they said that it would not be a problem. Guess what everyone they tell you what you want to hear and let you think that the diploma you get from their school is worth the paper it is printed on well guess what it is just a piece of paper and everything ITT says is "BS"!

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#159407 Review #159407 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Indianapolis, Indiana

ITT Tech is nothing but a bunch of crooks

I went to ITT Tech in Chantilly VA in the spring of 08. To make a very long story short, I was duped into enrolling and wasting a portion of my G.I. Bill. After enrolled, I was treated like a peace of meat with a barcode. The quality of education is a 1 out of 10. My instructors could barelly speak English. The course material was unorganized and had no direction. It is more expensive to attend ITT than it is a regular community college or university. Do the math. After I completed one semester(quarter) I dropped out and decided to go to a community college. None of my credits transfered and no credits from ITT will ever tranfer to any other college. That is a fact, dont let them try to tell you otherwise. A few months later I recieved a letter from a collection agency soliciting me for the remainder of tuition from ITT. My tuition was paid in full by the U.S. Government through the G.I.Bill. They didnt even bother to call me to make me aware that they had a glitch in there system and overcharged me. Well to this day I somehow still owe ITT $784 which has been in collections for over a year. I refuse to pay it and they refuse to correct the problem. Their reason is because the employee who worked in the accounting department that overcharged me no longer works there and they dont have the file with my payment records. ITT is a business that is traded on the stock market. PROFIT is the #1 priority with this so called institution; not your education. They dont give a *** about you once you are enrolled. Learn from my mistake and get yourself a real education at a reputable school. GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE.
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How were you "Duped" into enrolling? You sound like a spineless ***. You're a loser


Sallie mae took my refund because they lost my paper work for my g.i. bill 2 years ago.


I would be thrilled to join you in a lawsuit against this company. It's almost 2011 and they still have collections coming after me for money I do not owe them.

I am located in Jacksonville, FL. Let me know when your site is up and running.


these guys took my daughter for thousands and then ruined her credit. they need to be sued.

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Jacksonville, Florida

Had me apply for a loan, I'm unemployed!

Before I could graduate from ITT-Tech in Norfolk Va., I had to apply for a loan for $6000 before the finance dept. would sign a paper saying that I don't owe nobody nothing. Financal aid done took care of all my expenices and it was the last 3 weeks in school. They knew because I told them that it was *** for me to do that and that they knew I am unemployed, but they told me if I want to graduate I better fill this out. Now a debt collection agency saying I owe ITT-Tech $6000.
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Elizabeth City, North Carolina

ITT Tech time to let a jury decide!

Wow the more that i visit these sites the more that I feel justified in what I am about to do! I too have fallen victim to ITT Techs predatorty, immoral and unethical practices. If you feel that ITT has misrepresented its services, lied or failed to deliver the type of education it represented in it's commercials or what was pitched to you during "recruitment" then I need to speak to you. If you feel that ITT has failed to give you an education using current technology and failed to train you to current industry standards please email me at takingdownitt@***.com. God bless!
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they are a bad company i went to itt tech for 1 year because i was given 5 claases to do and iot was hard but it didnt change there my recurter did not do a *** thing


Alan, you are a misinformed ***. Learn the difference between national and regional accreditation, then maybe we won't have to hear you spew garbage.

Truth is, regionally accredited schools are required to produce a "well-rounded" graduate. Nationally accredited schools teach more to the major, less to general studies. That's it! Take DeVry...they used to be nationally accredited, but switched to regional simply to have their credits transfer to state schools.

ITT could become a regionally accredited school and all of these posts would be mute points.

Know of what you speak before you spew!


Not a bad idea hum? I belive that this goes on at many campuses... nothing new there...

Keep signing in *** students like you and feeding ITT's pocket with money and graduating for a NON_ACCREDITED school! yeah! that's the ticket!

go find out why ITT is not REGIONALLY ACCREDITED? they don't want student to know about it!


itt is a fraud school, changing grades for sex that is what happend at ITT Fort Lauderdale wher tinal daley changed grades for her boyfriend tim ball for sex and itt rewarded her by promoting her ti a director at ITT charlotte Norh Carolina

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Baltimore, Maryland

ITT Technical Institute/Cost/Hidden items

ITT Green Bay, WI is messed up. First, you take four classes a quarter to graduate sooner, wrong. Even when they mess up your schedule, at the end you may end up with one a quarter. Then your gratuation date is later than your original one when you started at ITT Tecnical Insitute.To pay your student loans back,you are not notified that you pay each one (from you quarters)seperately. That may mean you pay up to 730.00 a month. Oh yeah, SallieMae no longer consolidates the loans. Bet ITT Tech never told students that one either.
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This is a school designed to take all your money. Students Beware!

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Appleton, Wisconsin

Itt tech san diamas is a joke

Anyone considering getting a degree should consider going to a real college and focusing on getting a real degree. I am currently a criminal justice student at itt tech san diamas. from day one with this school has been nothing but a nightmare. I thought this was going to be my last semester at this school and i could move on with my life and forget this *** school. But the cj dean mr b refused to give me the extra class i needed and im stuck here an extra semester. thanks for nothing mr b. marcin swiacki 000 00
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it is true MR B does *** more often than doing his job the right way

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Los Angeles, California
When I sign-up for ITT-Tech, I was told that I wouldn't have to start paying my student loans back until after I graduated. 1 Year into a 2 year degree I was sent a bill for $5000, due immeditly or I would not be allowed to continue. I wouldn't suggest ITT to...
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Maybe it is me - but I went to ITT in Oxnard in 2001. Even though I didn't go into my field, I did get a job (without ITT Tech help - even though they were helping me on a daily basis) - and I got a higher pay because of the AS degree I obtain from ITT Tech.

I have been at this job for 10 years and I am thinking of going back to school to learn the about health records and yes I am thinking about going to ITT Tech. Any college or graduate program is going to sell you a line of *** to get you in, but it is up to you to obtain what you want and how you want to get it. And for the price - I have a friend who is obtain his teaching degree and has spent a lot of money and time and he is still not done.

No matter how much you pay - you are going to fatten someone's wallet. Just saying

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Hammond, Louisiana

Itt technical institute good preparation

despite what you read I am a former grad and now am employee. I've been to state universities and am now working on my PhD. Itt gives you what the job market wants. You want just a degree...go to a state school You want a good job...go to ITT. You want to dream about a good job....get a liberal arts degree with lots of basic courses....want an actual good paying position with a future - go technical. For 30 years employers have been hiring ITT grads....check with any of them. They will tell you what they got when they hired grads.
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I am a Multimedia graduate of ITT Tech and I actually did land my dream job in an major animation studio as a Technical Director and get paid well enough. Though I will admit that the tuition was was too high and that the classes were very sub-par.

Also, ITT had nothing to do with me getting this job. I worked very hard on lots of lousy freelance jobs to build the credibility to be taken seriously.


These people are hilarious. of course ur not gonna get a good job when your degree is in MULTIMEDIA AND LIBERAL ARTS lol everyone knows ITT is for computer degrees only and if you go there for anything else then you are uneducated in ur choice. dumb folks


I went to ITT-Tech back in 2004-**** for about 2 semesters.During my time there, the books were from India that had numerous words spelled incorrectly throughout the books. To make things worse, they were also out dated books.

About 2-3 years out dated to be exact. One of the classes I was taking (Economics), the instructor was actually also enrolled in the class he was teaching and learning it with us. (Try to swallow that one). You can bet I complained to the corporate office about this.

(The instructor still works for the school to this day).I stopped going there and complained about getting a refund etc, etc... I thought hey, things change and I went back for 1 semester last year (2009).Nothing has changed other then, in lab, there are about 3-4 classes being taught in the same room. Teachers talking over each other, no room for all students to have a computer and you have to share with 2-3 people sometimes and you learn nothing since there is no focus on the students.Tomorrow I am contacting the corporate office and requesting a FULL refund for my entire time spent at ITT (I have not graduated because of the reasons I stated above and never will go back again).

If they refuse the refund then they will get a lawyer serving them with a law suite, for fraud and numerous other charges that will come down on them.I am pretty sure that I am not the only one that has these issues.Hands on experience is the biggest thing needed to land a good job these days. I have gotten good jobs without a SINGLE degree listed on my resume (Even though I have a degree).Goto a real college if you want a degree, dont waste your time at ITT-Tech, you will not get what you pay for and it will cost you 60-70% more then it would going to a normal college.


It's simple, $45,000 dollars for a worthless Associates degree from ITT Tech, or pay $1,500 dollars for an Associates degree from a community college with CREDITS THAT WILL ACTUALLY TRANSFER. Their programs are worthless and everything you read on this site is true. I have fallen into the hands of ITT Tech and owe $45,000 on a worthless degree. I've been wanting to change careers and basically I am going to have to restart my college education. But I am not a fool this time, I'm actually going to attend a real COLLEGE and pay a TINY fraction of the price of ITT Tech.

I wish I could throw my degree back into their school and get a refund for this waste of money.

Don't go to ITT Tech, its a *** scam and I hope to god, they go bankrupt and all my student loans from them are wiped clean.


As a former employee, I was challenged DAILY with doing, not only unethical things, but also ILLEGAL things. Financial aid people at ITT regularly steal student's PIN numbers, forge signatures, certify loans for kids and parents who have NO IDEA that they even have any loans. Dependent students are routinely "made" to be independent with a fake child, parents of students who make too much to be eligible for Pell grants are "made" to be separated or divorced so they will then qualify.

The enrollment is heavily padded EVERY quarter by them NOT dropping the students who quit the last quarter and adding on new students (people who have just called in to the school for information!)who have no intention of coming to any classes. Then about 2 weeks into the quarter a report is run by HQ in Carmel, Indiana with all of these FAKE STUDENTS showing up on the enrollment.

I have NO IDEA how my school EVER passed the default regulations that make them still eligible for ANY financial aid. Another FAKED report, I suppose.

All of the numbers are faked and fabricated. We were urged and threatened to do it or we'd be fired because ALL of the directors get huge bonuses if "the numbers" are made each start.


All these positive (if any) rebuttals are from fake students and are actually paid by ITT Tech to say bogus and fake message, I am working for ITT and I know what’s going on, everybody knows ITT-TECH and their fabricated information and invented reports, I am surpassed they still in the education business, they should be in the Sublime loans or any fraud and unethical business. The only concern of the management in the HQ is to increase profits and do not care about students, I believe ITT Tech soon will go down because I know about many lawsuits waiting for ITT.

Please think 9,000,000 times before attending ITT Tech, at ITT Tech you are a "start number” you are not a students in any way.


As a former employee of ITT Technical Institute (as an enrollment representative and then as a Career Services Specialist), I encourage you to think twice about attending ITT Tech. Please understand that I am not a disgruntled employee. In fact, as an employee they treated me okay. But the bottom line is, my integrity was challenged on a daily basis as I saw students come through who should have never been enrolled in school.

The admission requirements are sub-par to say the essence, anyone can be admitted into most programs. And boy, do students pay. At over $425 per quarter credit hour, ITT is praying on the less fortunate (in many cases) and encouraging them to take loans they will never be able to pay.

From what I witnessed of the education, it is well below average (aside from a few good instructors). I attended and graduated from two state schools (both of which were much less expensive) and received a much higher quality education.

And finally, the most important part that most people do not realize: ITT is a for-profit, proprietary institution (State schools and community colleges are not-for-profit and not publicly traded). It is publicly traded. What this means: Students are paying to keep shareholders happy and to pad the pockets of the executive staff located in Carmel, IN.

When I was an admissions representative, I was reviewed by the number of students I enrolled. It didn't matter whether I thought they could cut it or not, they wanted numbers and that was the bottom line. When I was in career services, I was judged by the numbers of 'placed' students. It didn't matter if they had a felony or no competency-they still had to be placed or I didn't keep a job.

A natural question you may have: Why did you work there for 2.5 years if you had so many issues with the school? if I had it to do over, I wouldn't have. But now I'm going to try to keep some people from making a decision they will regret.

The Bottom Line: Attend a community college or a public, state school. It will save you a great deal of money and the education will be much better.

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407 days ago by William [send email] 0 Votes

As an instructor for ITT, I can confirm the money-grabbing and numbers-driven culture . If you don't meet your quota for attendance and grades, it must be your fault. This results in a rating that keeps you from teaching certain classes.

Instructors are reminded and exhorted to call every absent student for every class and remind the budding scholars that they are enrolled in a program. On top of that, we are expected to document every contact in a computer system. We are placed in a position of treating adults like children and nagging them to improve their own lot in life.

Students are mailed reminders that a new term is about to start and that they should plan on attending classes. On top of that, instructors are expected to collect the reminders from students for an ipod raffle! Students that show up literally 3 hours late for class still counts as a valid attendance. Students who sign-in and immediately leave is considered a valid attendance.

Pizza parties for classes that have 100% attendance during a crucial week. Free video games and popcorn in the student lounge. Free donuts and juice to entice students to arrive for finals week.

All this and much more leads to grade inflation and social promotion of students who have neither the ambition nor the smarts to copy the answers from the back of the book to homework problems.

A large portion of the student body are undisciplined, lazy, and unfocused dullards with a huge sense of entitlement. If you are serious about bettering yourself - steer clear of ITT.

389 days ago by Bill Ritenour [send email] 0 Votes

I regretfully admit I am a a graduate of ITT, with a worthless AAS degree in Multimedia. I received a little bit of this and a little bit of that in training in various aspects of multi media, but not enough of any one area to really have a grasp and understanding of the subject. Also, I did not have any portfolio of any substance worthy of showing to prospective employers. Employers usually want five years of work experience plus a Bachelor's degree, and a good portfolio of work. I graduated in 2006, and I am still working in a job that has nothing to do with my so called training. I considered continuing my education to get a Bachelor's degree, but I TT's credits are not transferable anywhere except to another ITT campus. I feel like I have been robbed of my money and time.

384 days ago by Amanda Both [send email] 0 Votes

I also am I graduate of ITT also with the worthless Associates degree in multimedia. I graduated with all the phony honors, though I was actually going to go somewhere with my life. I got a job working as a web design specialist for 2.5 mnths then was laid off. ITT promised me that they would help me get a job for the rest of my life.. huh.. with a very poor education from that school I shouldn't have expected any less then no help at all... Now I can't get a job anywhere in the computer field and I'm working for a self-storage facility. I have stopped making my loan payments because I can't afford it and feel like yes, I have been robbed.

358 days ago by Lil [send email] 0 Votes

I've been interested in furthering my education for some time. I'd always seen the commercials on tv, like a lot of people, for ITT Tech and thought it sounded like a great school. I figured it would be better to get a specialized degree in my area of interest rather than go to a community college, since I thought that a specialized school would be... well, specialized! And they would be better suited to teaching me what I'd need to know.

Just a bit of background about me, I did graduate from high school as an average, rather unexceptional student. Though my parents had promised they would set money aside for me for school, by the time I graduated high school, there just wasn't any money saved for me, so I decided I'd just work instead and if I ever decided to go to school, I could look into it when I felt I was ready.

I sent off for some information and got in touch with a guy named Vince, who was a recruiter for the Seattle ITT Tech and we had a nice chat. I explained that although I would have loved to attend the actual, physical school, I would be unable to as I lived too far away and didn't have access to regular, reliable transportation. So I told him that I would be interested in attending online classes instead. He told me that would be no problem and at the end of our chat, he told me that someone from financial aid would be getting in touch with me the next day. I explained to him that it wasn't the best time and could we do it on Friday, instead, and he said fine - and yet, sure enough, on Thursday, I get a call from someone from financial aid, all eager to fill out my forms!

I was a little miffed by this, but I was done with my work for the day, so I thought I might as well go ahead and get it taken care of, while I had the guy on the phone. He went through a questionnaire with me about my finances and so on and mentioned student loans and when I said that I didn't have any credit and probably wouldn't be able to *GET* a student loan, he said 'oh, don't worry, we can get you one!' and so we continued with the process of filing the FAFSA info and filling out my enrollment form at the site for the September quarter.

We concluded the call and that was about the time I got a sinking feeling. Right around the point where I received a couple of emails from him with attachments that I would need to fill out and send. I did a search and found the postings here and was very dismayed, to say the least. The very next day, I got in contact with Chase loans and had them cancel my student loan application.

Just today, I emailed the financial aid guy:

'I have been doing a great deal of research about ITT since I spoke with you last and I have not been pleased by what I found. In point of fact, I was left feeling very troubled. I have contacted Chase and had them

cancel my application for a student loan and I would like for you to cancel my enrollment for online courses at ITT. I will not be talked into reapplying for the loan, so don't bother calling - you will not be

speaking to me again on the phone. The next email that I expect from you is one notifying me of my enrollment being cancelled.


ITT Tech is not for someone who knows nothing about the degree they are going for. ITT is for people that have knowledge in their degree and just want that piece of paper fast.

Ive worked with ITT tech grads in the past and they were the dumbest people I have ever worked with.

I almost laughed every time I asked my co-worker to do something and had no idea. Everyone knows Liberal Art Degree's are *** no doubt.


Well put

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Houston, Texas

ITT Technical Institute very poor education

I recently graduated with an AA degree from ITT Tech in Portland, Oregon. I would warn anyone considering enrolling to reconsider. The advertising and sale cons a prospective student into thinking that they will graduate with an education. My experience has been a very expensive lesson. The classes are equal or worse than anything you might find at a local community college. The job placement is someone scanning Craig's List and reprinting what they found there. The school is a for profit business. Most of the students drop out and end up owing thousands of dollars in students loans with no job prospects and no preparation for the job market. I have read some of the reviews on this site and I totally agree with them. I'm sorry I ever got suckered into this very expensive joke.
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I think itt tech has pretty much ruined my life and im probably going to kill myself. Only 23 years old and pretty much 100k in debt for a worthless game design degree. Hope you *** at carmel indiana are enjoying your millions of dollars, ill see you in ***.


Here is the thing. The school lets anyone and everyone into their programs for numbers. Instructors are teaching out of old outdated books and can't revise the general outline given. You have instructors getting very low wages. Therefore, you don't have great teachers in your classroom. These schools do not believe in hiring full-time teachers only adjuncts. Which is nice because they have real experience within the field right? However, PT employees are not always fully engaged. You have your admission reps selling dreams instead of reality. Lastly, you have your career advisors, which try to help graduates find employment they do not place, but they are faced with dealing with ex-***, graduates that were passed but really don't know their field, folks that don't want to commute more than 10 miles.

Really, what is needed here is a reality check right? ITT needs to bring in better students who can actually get hired. ITT needs to pay more for better instructors, and ITT needs to let each school come with a plan within their area because employers are different depending on where you are.

Lastly, ITT information has been public for a while. When you research schools, you need to do a complete search and making sure it is going to be a fit. I have an uncle in my family that graduated from ITT in the 90s and is going great with a 85k career position. However, you see he did not stop learning. He became a lifetime learner. No school and no degree will prepare you for everything. You need to go above beyond the classroom.

Be Blessed


I graduated with AAS in EET (1999) and a BS in AMT (2000). I began working as a manufacturing technician in 1999 making approx.

$40K per year.

I have since worked my way in to an Operations Manager role making $84K per year. Education is what you make of it.


ITT Tech killed my dog.


I feel your pain and believe ITT Tech is a rip off. Especially with what they charge you.

40K now for an A.A.S degree. That is highway robbery and the young people they target often do not realize what they are taking on debt wise until it is too late. I have an AAS degree in I.T. as well from the Little Rock ITT Tech.

I will defend ITT Tech on the education though. If you want to learn and can apply yourself, it is a decent school. If not, you are in for a nightmare of debt and no job. Myself and two other students in our class of 14 pretty much did all the homework for the rest of the class.

Cheating was rampant. ITT skated students along to keep them enrolled. They dont want the kids to fail classes and quit. They want them to keep going and keep paying for those classes.

For that reason, it is easy for students that are not motivated to slide through. Effectively passing but not learning a dang thing. They wont find work after graduation because they dont know a thing. I myself graduated with a 3.92.

It would have been higher if I had not missed one class two weeks in a row due to an emergency and was unable to make up a test which knocked me down to a B. The classes are gravy, but I understood that I had 36K in debt racking up and I had to learn if I wanted to actually get a job. I really applied myself. You could say the cost of that education motivated me.

So, the education at ITT is only worth as much as you put into it yourself.

I still think its robbery and hate the school for the 26K I am still in debt 6 years later after graduation, but I did take it upon myself to get work in the field and did not rely upon ITT Tech to get me a job. I now make 50K a year in *** poor Arkansas.


I'm in the BA for ISS at ITT. I graduated with an AA in CNS from there.

I do believe I made a mistake going back a 2nd time.:x I should have learned my lesson the first time after the AA, like other students did. I figured I was already there, I would have a good job by the time I was finished with the BA & move on. You get out of it what you put in, I used to say that too, & that is total B.S.

If you cannot find a job, then continue your educ. at another school to differ the loans you took, instead of crying about them :cry


Graduated from ITT Bothell, WA CNS. While I can't speak for all campus's I can say 1 thing that all suffered from. Very poor curriculum and extremely poor books. The books aren't worth the paper they're written on, and the teachers were "FORCED" to use them. I even had teachers who tried to get us to just use the online books because these books sucked so bad. We literally think they were written in English, translated into Indian, then translated back into English. The books had so much false information, wrong study tests, and whatever number of other problems.

The teachers...what to say about them. It's not that they didn't try but they were setup for failure by ITT. Some were great teachers and some weren't. But here's the main problem. They weren't teachers. They were people from the field, brought in to teach with no teaching background what-so-ever.

How do I know the $30k+ that I spend on this was a horrible investment? The head IT networking Guru guy who we all respected, and told countless times how bad the education was, was appalled at how little we knew when it came to our final project. We were supposed to know how to configure cisco switches, setup lans, wans, firewalls, and and such. But we barely had familiarity knowledge.

Literally the only reason I didn't quit, was because when I realized it was a waste, I had already spent so much money that I might as well get the Diploma.

The only good thing I really have to say about the place was that the job placement people were awesome. They took their job seriously and did it well.


I have found that most of the people who have bad things to say about ITT dont know a thing about it. If you are thinking about going to ITT or anywhere for that matter strive to be the best.

Also, if you want to go to ITT, make sure that its what you want as the credits will not transfer. Good luck!


I agree 100% with the previous comment of the instructor in this page. I was also an instructor in one ITT in California, and I faced some students that should never been admited to the class.

Some of them even don't know how to add or subtract numbers, multiplication tables, etc. Some students told me they do not like to be treated as babies or baby-sitting them if they did not come to the class. I was treated well, but one day the dean asked me to changes the grades because the students were unhappy with my class, then, I decided it was to leave. There is a limit in earning money and your integrity, your honesty, and ethics.

I cannot pass a student if he does not come to school, if he does not do his work or for his lack of interest. It is bad to be pulled out in the middle of class, a chair yelling with you in the corridor, and then come back to the class if not had happened.

That was very bad behavior coming from a chair. If you are a student, go to a community college, study hard, put effort, but go to a real school.


you guys are hilarious... my sister has a master degree, she makes 55,000$ a year..

My brother has a master degree... He makes 22$ an hour. I have an AA degree from ITT and make 38$ an hour..They both went to 'real' colleges (Arizona State University)..i graduated from the Nursing program, and now my sister just took the HESI to get in to the next program. Ya ITT probably sucks for a lot of people, because honestly, a lot of *** go there.

I am not a ***, i have drive to get a job, and can interview well.

I work three 12 hour shifts. They didnt care at all where i went to school, because, i dont suck

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Portland, Oregon