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ITT Tech - Letter to the Dean

Course: ET475 – Electronic Circuit Design I (6/18/2012 – 9/9/2012) Faculty: Jackson, Joshua D I learned nothing from this class. The program Chair Barry Douglass himself stated the materials provided for this course were supplementary"”which meant to be successful in the course, students would need to rely on competent instruction and Google/YouTube. I relied heavily on Google where competent instruction was lacking and the course matieral was trash. Overlooking the time students were misled by Dr. Jackson to believe they could shift attendance around to accommodate the instructor's personal business outside of school"”it is also important to note that we never spent more than 10 minutes on lecture. Sometimes we would spend 5 minutes or less going over the material in class. There were even occasions where we would skip theory entirely to work on lab or projects. There were a handful of sessions out of 12 where we spent almost the entire class on theory"”only the time was spent watching the instructor stumble through the difficult theory work using a privileged formula guide, such that we all walked away more confused than when we had arrived. The instructor clearly understood the magnitude of the problem, and decided to "change format." We did a lot of work in the labs and basically abandoned the ridiculous book and much of the cookie-cutter curriculum for which we were not provided adequate tools (in materials or competent instruction.) It is commendable to have an instructor at least recognize he is setting his students up for failure as he makes adjustments accordingly. However, lack of follow through in that regard is worse than having never taken action in the first place. I did everything asked of me in this course. For that reason, I am confident I went into the final with a substantially high grade. I base that assessment on confidence in lieu of fact, because we were not provided our progress throughout the entire course. I went the entire course not knowing my grade despite my multiple requests to see my progress. The instructor continually put-off grade dissemination until the course was completed, while maintaining none of us "had anything to worry about." In consolation, I believe that to be true going into the final. Coming out, however, I urge you to take a closer look. We were utterly ill-prepared for the final, as it was undoubtedly based on assumptions of competent instruction without deviation from the syllabus. We were led into the desert to thirst to death. Since I'm a grown-up; I wasn't going to take chances and trust"”especially since we had already been misled about our attendance. I made sure to study for nearly triple the time I studied for Dr. Douglass' Digital Communication Systems course. I spent countless hours on the homework in Dr. Jackson's class, and countless hours studying for the final. My intellect has not changed throughout my college career; only the instruction has changed. I have never dedicated that kind of time to achieve the results that came out of this course. This class was a joke"”a waste of my time"”a swindling of my tuition. To increase your placement numbers by hiring employer prospects in exchange for some extra money and limited responsibility"”in being so reckless with our education"”comes at the cost of your reputation. I'll be sure to pass the word onto my vast network within the small Charlotte market.
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Greensboro, North Carolina
Itt Technical Institute Program

ITT Technical Institute is forcing us to take online classes

When I first enrolled in ITT Technical Institue nobody mentioned the possibility of being mandated to take online classess, well here I am half way through and they are forcing us to take online classes. I asked if I could take the classes at another college and was denied. I have tried an online class and quit a week in and went to campus. Online classes are statistically proven to be harder to take. I have also asked them where the student will see the decrease in tuition with no answer given, surely the college is saving money, what about the students? I have started a petetion at, please stope by and support the cause if you agree, just type in ITT in the search bar. We need the option to choose!
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Columbia, Missouri
My son is almost ready to graduate BS computer network security at ITT in San Diego and not even an internship found for him. Top of his class, clean cut, well spoken and nice looking. Not even an interview. San Diego school at time we signed up four years ago...
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I am an aerospace engineer for a fortune 500 company now. I started with ITT tech.

When I finished, I still needed to pass a few acceptance interviews with various companies to get a job. You cannot rely on the school to find you a job.

ITT scheduled an interview with the employer at the time. That is all you can get from any school.

ITT gave me great hands-on training and education.

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Escondido, California

Emily Campbell of ITT Tech lies

I sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. My complaint was about ITT Tech and career services and trying to finish my degree program nights only. Emily Campbell of ITT Troy lied in stating, "ITT does not offer night classes only for any degree of study." I was attending night classes at ITT for my degree and would have graduated by taking night only classes. I had to leave ITT due to a job loss, but not I can come back but ITT will not let me finish my degree. I wish I never went to ITT Technical Institute.
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you can transfer your credits to a different school. I transferred mine to Wayne State University


What?....Im sorrybut I can not understand you or what the problem is.

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Detroit, Michigan
Itt Technical Institute Program

ITT Tech is the worst school ever

I am a former criminal justice instructor at ITT Tech. A lot of the students that I worked with should not have been allowed to enroll to begin with due to have a serious issues with their level of education i.e. not been able to write a decent essay or paper. With that being said, the last class I taught had a high failure rate. This was simply due to students not turning in their homework. I was told by the dean at this particular campus that I had to find a way to get these students to pass. He also told me in not so many words that he was concerned with losing money. Well, I did not pass these students and I was suspended i.e. told I would have to take a semester off. I simply turned in my instructor ID and textbooks and walked away from the job. It is ironic that I was told that I had to pass failing students while they fired another instructor for giving all of his students "A"s in a class. What I learned is that ITT Tech does not value academic integrity and is only concerned with taking money from students. I understand that ITT Tech is a business i.e. school for profit, but it is bad business to turn out a bad product. I also work full time as an officer with a criminal justice agency. I have told my superiors to not hire anybody from ITT Tech because they turn out some of the most unprepared and undereducated graduates that the criminal justice field has ever seen. Out of all of the students that I dealt with, I know of only one that I can think that actually got a decent job. Most of the others have ended up working as security guards, which you can do without an ITT Tech degree.
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I graduated from itt nursing student. To assure you all am now working with a big hospital in Texas.


Yes, I saw the same thing at Bessemer, AL campus. I was a Financial Aid Coordinator for two years.

Some instructors walked out of classes & quit two weeks into a qtr. and no replacement could be found, so the remainder of the qtr.

students just went into a lab and sat. All received As or Bs.

It's fraud, pure and simple - as long as financial aid is paying out the students are passed, no one is ever dropped for Satisfactory Academic Progress ever.


Wow, that's crazy, I attended the Bessemer, AL Campus and I was very dissatisfied with the education received. Students I knew that didn't deserve to pass were continuously allowed too.

There were only a few teachers who I held any respect for, and I learned more by interacting with them outside of the campus. That school is a joke, and the tuition is ridiculous!


I was a CJ instructor in San Diego and the same thing. Students do not even know how to read or write and we were expected to pass them. I just have one thing to say to students, feel sorry for you that you will have tons of money to pay back in loans and no one will hire you because of your degree from ITT.


Seems our friend "itt student" is a bit testy on the matter. Perhaps taking it a little too personally.

I'd say that comment exemplifies what the former instructor said about students not being prepared for college.

A little word of advice from someone significantly more educated than you: learn to communicate on an intelligent level.

Your writing sends the message that you're uneducated. If ITT has done such a wonderful job of preparing you for the real world, I'd think that you'd come across as a bit more educated than you do.


ur just mad because you are a *** teacher who couldnt make students learn cuz you are probably *** boring. Students failing because they didnt turn in homework???

GTFOH. Colleges give out too much homework thats the problem, with what colleges charge these days i'm surprised students even let teachers give them homework


"surprised students even let teachers give them homework"?

You're in college, a.k.a. school!

There will be classwork and homework!

You're an adult, homework isn't anything to complain about, you are paying (large sums of money) to be educated! If homework is too much for you, how will you hold down a job where work is mandatory?

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dont go to itt

this school just wants your money simple as that they *** you over with big as student loans to pay. my expierence there wasent good. they *** over my schedule in one semester telling me that i only needed 2 classes and that i would still be on track to graduate on june. ***! come to find out next semester im short a class to graduate and i couldnt take a 4th class because it wasent allowed. what kind of *** is that? the dean told me that it was their mistake well you know how much money your mistake is gonna cost me. seriously i had a bad expirence here if you wanna go to a school go somewhere else i dont recommend this school to anyone. save your money. this school just wants your money dont go there
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quarters are different than semesters...and I can understand why you think they are the same.... You complain about ITT and how horrible they are yet you are still there?...really? are either lying about it or something...and BTW using bad language just makes you look dumber. You should probably go to a community college...take a remedial English class and learn how to write.


i could really careless if you think that i dont attend to ITT. Think whatever you want i really dont give a *** what you think. semesters, quarters whatever same ***


you can doubt all you want for all i care but i did attend there and as a matter of fact im still attending there. and honestly quarter semester whatever they call it same ***


ITT isnt on semesters, so I doubt you really attended.

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Richardson, Texas

Itt tech of san diego is a rip off!!!!!!!

I know I am not the perfect student but I work hard in school. I accept when I fail a class when its my fault but when it is the instructors fault no way. I have been trying to change the grade for one of my classes and when they are about to change it they always come up with *** excuses for the grade not to change. It is not my fault that my program changes chairs like a person changes underwear and that they cant keep track of the conversations they have with students and losing a students paper and saying you never got it. This school has been trying to take more money from me just because not enough students are signing up for the programs. All I want is justice and for them to change the grade for that class. they wont even take witnesses to testify that I actually did my work and participated. WTF? THIS SCHOOL SUCKS DONT COME HERE IF I COULD GO BACK IN TIME I WOULD HAVE NEVER NEVER APPLIED HERE.
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You failed class at ITT? You need to get 95% score out of any class at ITT to be taken seriously.

Take a good look at yourself and work much harder. Good luck with that attitude.


Fla is spinning for the boys from Carmel. Open admissions and high academic standards do not mix.

ITT is not regionally accredited. I see ITT on a resume and it goes in the shredder ASAP.

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Carmel, Indiana
Itt Technical Institute Program

Credits for itt tech

I hate that this school requires 96 credits for you to graduate with a A.S. degree. It is wrong because the school doesn't specify this and now I can graduate due that I'm 2.5 credits short. So im I went through all this hard work just to come up short. I already gave out invites and now I'm going to have to say I'm not graduating from school. I will need help in convincing the school to change their policies . Another thing is the school is not accredited and it's possible that my credits will not transfer to another school.
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I graduated ITT in 2001. I never recovered from the debt.

Needless to say it is 2015 and I am currently homeless. I attempted to return to school to reclaim my life but not even community colleges would accept credits from ITT. 2 years of my life and all the money for tuition was for nothing. At least I didn't try to go for a "bachelors" and end up with even more debt.

Just a warning.

Don't fall for the lies and promises of an easy road through ANY for-profit institution. In the long run you will regret it. Maybe not immediately but eventually down the road you will be kicking yourself guaranteed.

Start off at a community college for a fraction of the cost. Yes it may take you longer and be more challenging but you will never reget it years after.


I have been going part time to ITT and will graduate soon. I have found an area college that will take their credits if I want to transfer.

A lot of these complaints seem really weak, a person should really check with employers before making a decision about where to attend school. A lot will accept ITT graduates, but you don't know if you don't ask.


...the obvious immediate solution rather than complicate your present situation by trying to transfer schools where your credits may not be accepted would be: FINISH YOUR 2.5 CREDITS!!!

That way at least you will graduate and all of your efforts will no go to waste. Then, if you still wish to, attend another, more reputable school.


ITT Tech's problem - or more to the point, your problem - is that they are not regionally accredited. This is why most of their credits are worthless when you go to transfer.

They are "nationally accredited" which sounds nice but is of virtually no value to anyone planning to pursue continuing education beyond ITT. Regional accreditation is what you want a school to have. The accreditation agencies evaluate programs for quality and comparability, which is what gives different colleges assurance that when you transfer into their program you've met a predefined level of competency. You can't get that with ITT.

However, rather than blame ITT for your situation you should be willing to bear some of the responsibility yourself.

You must ALWAYS evaluate any organization that is going to receive a large sum of your money. Had you done a little searching on the Internet you could have found out a bit about them before you spent so much on an education that may not be worth anything in the job market.


the school is accredited..accreditation means you can receive student aid, it does not mean credits transfere. Most schools do not accept the credits but that is explained in the video that they show. ITT meets the accreditation standards and is very up front about the school.


Are u serious


Not only will your credits not transfer but you will soon find out that most employers will not hire ITT Tech graduates.


You're right! They see ITT Tech everyone frowns! I feel like it was such a waste to attend this school!

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania

ITT Tech is a horrible school

I am a former instructor at ITT, and was told by other accredited universities to never, ever put them on a resume. This school scams students of thousands of dollars for credits that transfer to NOWHERE. Employers have told me that when they see a resume from an ITT graduate they throw it away! Plus as an instructor I was told that "Every butt in the seat is a dollar sign". We were paid bonuses based on our attendance of students, so some instructors would lie about students being in the classes. Everything about this school is NOT about the students, it is all about the Director, Dean, CEO and everyone else who scams from the students. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT THIS SCHOOL! Go to a state community college, where you will save money AND your credits will transfer!
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Thanks for the info. You don't know how much this helped my son....he was days before completing enrollment and as fate would have it a co-worker's son told me about the biggest mistake of his life.

He said ITT ruined his life....his credit....and he's under the age of 21. He can't get a job to pay back the ridiculous amounts of money he borrowed and his loans defaulted! Poor kid! And to think this could have been one of my children scammed by high pressured sales people....They should be shut down!

Any college or secondary education institution that advertises on TV should be investigated for fraud. Thiggins, Mobile, AL.


Thanks for the info. I can't believe schools will actually do this. It's funny because I remember walking up to an ITT Tech spokesperson at an event and they so wanted me to attend their school.

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Valparaiso, Indiana
ITT Tech LIED about the programs offered saying they were degree programs and credits were transferable but they were not. After finding out this I questioned the school about the schools program. They responded by telling me that I will have to pay and "A Student Loan...
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The ability to transfer credits is determined by the RECEIVING SCHOOL - not the school the credits come from.

The Department of Education and CHEA recognize some national accreditors, including ACICS, as well as the regional accrediting agencies. That recognition is the primary authority by which accrediting agencies review, scrutinize and endorse the integrity and quality of educational institutions.

Accepting credits earned at another institution is the prerogative of the receiving institution.

No college, school or accrediting agency can require another institution to accept in transfer credit earned somewhere else. Even when the sending institution is accredited by the same agency as the receiving school, there is no guarantee credits will transfer.

The decision on whether or not to accept your academic credit could be made by the chairperson of the department, a faculty transcript review committee, an individual faculty member, an admissions officer or other college official. Factors that affect the willingness to accept academic credit in transfer may be in the institution’s catalog, and include: •College or state policies. Most colleges and some states have policies concerning the number and type of credits they will accept in transfer from another institution.

•Residency requirements. Most colleges require a student to complete a specific number of credits at their institution in order to be awarded a degree by them. •Appropriateness of course content. The course should align with the college’s degree program.

Some courses may not be relevant to the degree that is sought, regardless of the rigor or content of the course. Also, the content of the course should compare favorably with the materials and topics covered in the college’s degree curriculum. Students seeking to transfer academic credit should be prepared to discuss how their completed coursework covers the topics required in the college curriculum. Evidence would include copies of work completed, or a copy of a syllabus or study guide for the course.

Official transcripts sent from the college of origin to the receiving college also may be required •Appropriate academic level. Acceptance of credit also depends on the transferring student’s academic standing and the level of course material studied. Remedial and developmental courses probably are not generally transferable. Satisfactory grades for the courses completed are also required in most cases.

•Accreditation and educational quality. In the U.S., the two entities that grant authority through recognition to national and regional accrediting agencies are the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Many traditional colleges and universities in the U.S.

are accredited by a regional accrediting agency. Many college or schools offering applied education programs are accredited by national accrediting agencies, including ACICS. All accrediting agencies recognized by the USDE are deemed to be reliable authorities on institutional quality and integrity. The USDE makes no distinction between national or regional accreditors regarding their reliability in ensuring institutional quality.

This is originally from (if I remember correctly) The fact that regionally accredited colleges refuse to accept credits from another school because it is not regionally accredited flies directly in the face of national policies advocated by American Council on Education (ACE), the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), et al. The real issue here has less to do with the academic quality of the sending institution, and more to do with anti-competitive business practices of the receiving institution.

Competition is heating up in higher education , and there are forces at work to control the inroads being made by “upstart” operators. Congress, the Department of Education , and the Department of Justice have been looking into this anti-competitive practice (MAFI)by higher education , and we suspect we will see significant activity in the coming months on this matter.

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Los Angeles, California
Itt Technical Institute Program

ITT Rip Off

This "school" charges a lot and I mean a LOT of money for not much in return. My son left after the first quarter owing $10,000. He left to join the U.S. Army. He requested his official transcript and was denied (because he owed them $$$. He was NOT in default) even after two high ranking officers called on his behalf they refused to go against "policy". Shame on them! He enrolled in three classes at a community college. It was only $1300.00. He was sworn into the Army in spite of them being so difficult. My advice is to stick to the community colleges or other university settings. I do not know in this economy how a business can, with good conscience, charge the rediculously over inflated tuition that ITT charges and be so uncooperative when a young man is trying to serve his country! He will put his life on the line to protect this country and even their right to overcharge these poor students.
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I know this is an old blog, but it is still available on the internet and someone else can find it like I did depending on the search you did.

I went to ITT in 1991 for a year (did not graduate). I am sure things have changed since then with the school.

It was overpriced then as well. I don't know if the degree they offered would have really made a difference, but that is not what this post is about.

I defaulted on my student loans with ITT, but the loan was through them. I settled up my loans several years later and in 2012 requested a copy of my transcripts. I was able to find a contact in the Records Coordinator office in Earth City, MO where I attended and after filling out a simple form with no fee, I received a copy of my transcripts.

It might depend on the location you attended ITT, but to me, the process was simple.

Not as easy as other institutions where you can order the transcript online, but at least they did not charge for it like Ashford University. They want $10 each copy.


I agree, I was enrolled at ITT Technical Institute and was one class away from graduating but that last class I needed was only offered online. I am not a online type of person and failed it, there was no other option on how I could complete the last class.

I called every other ITT campus around me and none of them had it on campus. Now I am attending a community college and it is wayyy better except for the fact that i need my unofficial transcript and ITT will not give it to me because I owe money. I seriously advise do not waste your precious time or hard earned money on this place.

It seems fine an dandy at first but once you settle in true colors come out.


I agree 100% with Blinky below. The tuition must not have been so outrageous when he signed on the dotted line.

There is no special treatment because your son joined the military. That is completely voluntary. I have respect for our troops, but no respect for people who demand respect for "putting their life on the line to protect this country". Seems silly if you ask me.

Hopefully your son did continue his education and can surpass the education you completed based on your grammar, spelling and inability to understand a contract before signing it. :roll


Blinky: "EVERY college has the same rule"

For every college I've been to, it's been true that if you have an outstanding balance, they don't release your official transcript. However, they always consider the balance net of any financial aid, so if you have loans and grants (that covered the full amount) and are in good standing, you count the same as someone who paid entirely out of pocket.

The poster seems to say that his son took out loans, which he has not yet paid but is in good standing. In this situation, his son should be able to receive his transcript.


your son knew the costs of ITT before he started..its in the disclosures he signed off on and Im confused why you think going into the army justifies getting a transcript from the school even though he has a balance. EVERY college has the same your balance before you get your official transcript.So in conclusion ITT is a rip off because you and your son didnt realize that it is expensive to go to college and because you think he should get special privilege because he joined the service...




Try sending a complaint letter to your local elected representatives for assistance.

The only good news is that your son is only out $10K as many are out of close to $100K.

Your son is a victim of "process the bodies", "Get them student loan dollars", "Get those suckers" as ITT Tech Degrees are worthless in the employment market.

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Gadsden, Alabama


I was a student in the Computer Networking Class...Graduated with a solid GPA....What pissed me off so much is that after graduation there was very little job placement and let us not forget the huge amount of student loans I had to take out. 40,000.00 in the hole and huge student loan payments.... I have been out of school 4 years now and last time I spoke to our career services department they took my email address and never replied... The real I.T. world laughs at my degree...I cant get a decent job higher than phone tech support and I am very disappointed that I let ITT-TECH play on my desire for a better life.... If your considering going to the Austin TX campus..RUN AWAY....FLEE......AVOID THE LIES......AVOID THE CRUSHING DEBT.......
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@hahahah-Your rebuttal is probably one of the best arguments against going to ITT Tech.


and whats even dumber u *** ***, nobody even contacts you unless you provide your information to be contacted so obviously u were interested...Its a privelage to attend school not a necessity u ignoranuses....


you know all of you are bitter *** people who expects the world to be given to you. How hard have you really tried?

there are a ton of people from itt tech who are working in their career fields because they actually applied themselves. You all are nothing more than bums on the street looking for someone to hand them the world. You have to earn anything in life.

A degree qualifies you for jobs but wont get u one alone, you have to give effort to *** skins.... You knew about all the perks and kinks before you signed up, u just thought that you would get placed somewhere when it clearly states that the career services center does NOT place anyone, they assist you with providing information and actually helping you build ur resume *** Grow up...


Everytime I see those ITT ads on TV I get sick to my stomach. I know a lot of great grads from ITT but NONE of them work in their fields.

ITT does not prepare students for jobs and this is sad for the employers who really need well trained workers. Jobs going unfilled. Money lost.

ITT grads left without the needed basic skills. It is criminal.


As you have found out the hard way, ITT Tech degrees are worthless. IT employers won't take ITT Tech graduates. ITT Tech considers working at McDonalds as "relevant IT employment" since operating the cash register is operating a computer and thus computer programming.

You are also a victim of "process the suckers", "Get them student loan dollars", etc. with admission representatives aka salesman "ringing the bell" in the back when they "closed the sale".

You should go to YouTube and look at the video "ICUP Tech"

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Austin, Texas

ITT is the WORSE!

Don't allow those commericals fool you. I currently attend ITT in NC and wished I never would have started in the first place. The teachers are the WORSE. The first year of schooling was teachers who didn't even know the materials. We, as students, had to read the book and learn the programs ourselves because that was what the teacher was doing. When we had problems, so did he. We asked, asked and asked and finally, the dean replaced some teachers. The newer teachers are better, but the same results as the rest. Once you are enrolled into the program, it's like you become a #. You miss to many classes oh well. They don't try to help you at ALL. Evening classes start @ 6pm. If you don't get off till 6pm(me), they don't try to inform you what was missed. I have stood up in front of the dean, her boss and even her boss and told them flat out that ITT is a JOKE! If i wasn't TRAPPED with this no transfer credits BS then I would've left the first semester without looking back. When you go to finanical aid and inform them that you want to leave the school, they do everything they can to keep you. They told me the first time I wanted to leave; because I wasn't being taught the information, that the teacher was learning as we were learning and complaining like we were complaining about teaching the wrong class, they informed me that the credits will begin to transfer to another school 2 terms from now. At this time I listened and accepted the fact that I wanted to be at a school that had evening classes and was flexible. During the third term I go back to my F-aid worker and let her know it's time for me to go ahead and start my transfer to another school. She informed me that the credits will not transfer over as they had wished and to continue with the school. I changed my major as the teachers were leaving and the program, even with current students was closing. Now that I have one more term left before my associates degree will be in my hands at a cost of $44k, Once I'm completed my goal is to educate. I see more and more young black men and women joining ITT and then they stay a term or two then leave. I'm sure they are leaving with $2-5k in debt, but ITT is making BANK and not caring about the students. ITT is owned by a TV or cable company anyway right? Someone/something that has NO dealings with EDUCATION. - TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. People who have graduate could fine jobs that paid $12-14 starting out. Don't get me wrong that is good money, just not good enough to pay back ITT student loans that start collecting interest after 6mos out of school.
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#317872 Review #317872 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Charlotte, North Carolina
Itt Technical Institute Program

ITT-TECH of HighPoint N.C.

They suck people in with easy test to enroll,then once you are in,they expect you to understand assignments without explaining the details to you.They change your schedules,and expect you to be there even if you have a job.They want money,so they fail students and students have to take extra classes. students can not use their credits at other schools,if they decide to change to a better school. ITT-TECH is a rip off!!They say they help thier students with a career,but they will not help a student make it in classes.I doubt they really help students,they are there to help themselves.
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I went to this school and so did others. Im no longer at this school.

its sad how they treat people. 1st it cost to much for a ADN. i felt like since i got in it didnt matter because once i became a nurse i would easliy make the money back to repay. well that did not work.

they will not allow teachers to show any students any grades. meaning in ur nrsing class you make an 60 which you will. because they dnt teach you you have to teach urself. they will not show you what you miss.

meaning you will prob miss it again bc you dont know what you did wrong or right, they failed at least 15 students 1st 2nd and 3rd quater classes because they were able to get more money. if you fail a class meaning you can only get A and B's in all classes it will put you behind a quater. 3months. they dept chair teaches at others school.

Alamance comm college. she doesnt know what she is doing. she just grad with her phd herself. my class had CNA Phlebotomist lpns were even failing test when they should know basic nursing.

this school makes me feel real bad. it was the biggest mistake in my life. we started out with 30student the 1st quater now has 5 students left. meaning some failed some and most quit.

the fact that you have to have class on the teachers schedule is crazy. YOU CAN NOT PICK YOUR CLASS TIMES> if a teacher teaches at GTCC at 5pm. and is only avaible at 7pm thats when your class will start. So alot of people in my quater were grown women with kids.

its hard to go on someone elses sched.even if it is a nursing program. IF UR THINKING ABOUT GOING HERE because you can get in just by taking an online test kinda like the teas and past. Dont do it. The people in these classes looked like they never attended school or if they did they werent able to get into another program someone else.

to me thats not good enough. if i would have known this i and several others would have stayed at the university and been on an waiting list.

all the money is loans. some people got FA.


As a fellow ITT student, I TOTALLY AGREE! I have only one more term left for my associate degree at a whopping $44k and they can care less about the students once they are enrolled and STUCK!

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I registered for the CNS program back in December 2011, I didn't like the program so I decided not to continue with it. I was told by the person who register me at the school that I was going to receive a call from different people asking me why I felt the school, if I wanted to switch to another program and to talk about the money a owed for the time I attended ITT. Well the only called I got was someone asking me if I wanted to switch to a different program, NOBODY ever called about the money I owed. A few weeks later I called them left several messages and again NOBODY called me back. Today I received a call from a collection agency!!! telling me that they were hired by ITT Tech to collect money I owed to the school. ITT NEVER CONTACTED ME about it, now there are making it seem like I didn't wanted to pay by putting a collection agency over my head!!! This really *** me the *** out, I don't have credit to start with and these *** people do this to me! I only owe then around $2,400 I can pay that in no time and without a problem. Why would they hired a collection agency before even taking to me?... THEY JUST F***N SUCK... Whoever is thinking about going there, please don't waste your time and money on them. Even if you call them for information on any program they call you day and night until you register once your are registered they don't F**N help you and as you can "see" my story they can *** over.
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Here is a video I did about this. Let me know in the comments if you dealt with this *** too!


I graduated from ITT in Carson, CA in 1990 with an AAS in Electronics. I landed a good job working with networks. What I learned at ITT did not help me in the job as I learned something completely new on the job. My hiring manager was experimenting with ITT students to see if they were a cheaper alternative to recent BS college graduates. (As a side note, there are no managers willing to take a chance with ITT students because there is such a negative professional reputation) After landing this job I used the employer’s education assistance to start over and received a BS in Computer Science from a legitimate university.

In 2004 after 14 years of networking experience and a BS in CS I decided to give back to ITT. I received a part time job teaching Network Technologies at the Strongsville, OH campus. I only taught one class a week (lecture and lab). My impression of the text book was that it was poorly organized and in about 100 cases simply wrong. I reported the mistakes to the administration and they told me the books are on cycled replacement. All the errors I had documented had already been reported and don’t worry about it. The tests were provided and I was not allowed to alter them (even though there were numerous errors in the questions). The administration was only concerned with student attendance because their funding was somehow tied to student attendance. If a student was in jeopardy of failing they would complain to the administration and the administration would put pressure on the instructor to make it easier for the student. I always came in early and stayed late to help anyone who needed help. The ones who needed help would never show up but then complain about not passing. The test questions were directly out of the book so it wasn’t like they didn’t have what they needed. The students who needed help didn’t read the book or do the homework (they would copy the answers from other students then turn that in). I would say that 90% of the students were ONLY interested in passing the class. They didn’t care if they learned anything, they only wanted the piece of paper at graduation. I felt bad for the 10% who were sharp students and wanted to learn. They did well because they applied themselves and wanted to learn. That 10% suffers when it comes to finding a job because ITT has earned a really bad professional reputation for being a degree mill. After 2 quarters I was done dealing with students who didn’t want to work but wanted to pass. I was done with an administration who took the students side in any complaint because they wanted them happy so they would continue to pay (the 90% knew that).

I would never recommend someone go to ITT (period).


How do I send a "cease and desist" letter?


Madcostarican, don't get mad get even. Don't pay these rip off artists a dime.

Let your state's Dept of Consumer Affairs, in Florida that's in Dept of Agriculture for some strange reason, know that you were scammed into signing up for this and got nothing out of it. You need to take action with people in your state higher up than the flunkies at ITT.

They can't manage themselves out of a paperbag. They should not get a dime of your money.


The collection letter should say that you have the right to demand validation. You can also send the collection agency to "cease and desist" which will send the debt back to ITT Tech.

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