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What you have read from earlier posters about ITT Tallahassee is so very true. No one in administration has much in the way of eduction at all. They don't value education at this place. They value getting you to sign a contract that gives them money. The...
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Just yesterday, some of us graduated from this place. We had sunk a lot of money into going there, and most of us have shared with each other that we didn't want to lose the money already spent (or that we have to pay back) so we went ahead and finished.

Even before graduating, we've learned that the degrees are not going to help us get a job in the fields we had hoped for. It may make some potential employers actually feel sorry for us, or think we are *** for having gone in debt to make these people richer, and failed to give us the education for the money we had paid.

I'm sitting here pretty sick about it, and have talked with my co-graduates over this past week ... a lot of them wish they had just quit and figured out a way to go to TCC.

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#310458 Review #310458 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
Itt Technical Institute Program

ITT Technical Institute is a SCAM & Ripoff!!!

If anyone out there is considering going to ITT Technical Institute, DON'T go!!! This school is a for-profit nightmare, they will suck you in, hook line and sinker and then stick you with a bunch of student loans you can't possibly pay off, then expecy you to take some menial, mediocre job that doesn't even require a high school education. Very insulting! I started out going here because I liked the smaller class sizes and majored in criminal justice, hoping to become a victim's advocate or work in any semi-professional capcity within the criminal justice system...I did the work, graduated with honors, always was on time to my classes...and what did I get instead? Thousands in student loans, daily harassment by student loan companies, and no prospects for work. The school actually insults me by expecting me to take jobs like Loss Prevention or Janitor, as if these are reputable jobs!!!?? It's beyond insulting. And the career services director had the nerve to tell me that many graduates choose to not go into their field...Excuse me, but what is ITT paying you for sir? Aren't you supposed to give a (pardon the pun) rat's behind about graduates who showed up and did the work, instead of constantly forwarding us dead end jobs. This school is a total SCAM. I will be forwarding my complaints to whomever will listen.
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ITT-Tech is not an education center for learning, they are a business intended to take advantage of desperate people or people who don't know any better. 3 of my classes had severely under qualified instructors who had no idea what they were doing, the ENTIRE class failed and they simply passed everybody, so you just payed $2000+ just for a passing grade without learning anything, that is flat out fraud, so I am filing a class action lawsuit against ITT-Tech so remove all obligations to pay student loans back (you cannot complete the degree, I dropped out, if you completed the degree you have no grounds) if you want to join me in this class action lawsuit then go to case number 656 to join, the more people we have the better our chances are of winning, do not let these crooks get away with it! take action now!

-Ben Sunderland


ITT Tech in Liverpool, NY is a COMPLETE waste of time and money. The Director, Jennifer Hill, is very successful at driving the school, employees, and students to the GROUND!!

Money mill with no ethics!!! :(


DO NOT even consider ITT, the credits will NOT transfer to any other school and the diploma from ITT is laughed at by every employer. Do NOT believe the commercials, those people are paid to say what they do. The school is for PROFIT and they care about no one but themselves and the profits!!!!!


You can try posting your experiences on ripoffreport dot com, yelp dot com, etc.

You are a victim of "get them student loan dollars" with the ITT Tech admissions representative "ringing the bell" once the "sale was closed".

Even worse is that an ITT Tech diploma is considered worthless by most law enforcement agencies as it lacks regional accreditation. You will find that the credits don't transfer to a 4 year college.

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Atlanta, Georgia
Everything you have read is true. As someone who works there and it paid well for it, everything bad that is written about ITT is TRUE. WE meet every Monday afternoon and count you in what they call a show meeting. Students are numbers. For every student that comes...
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The person who wrote on here in April of 2012 stating you were the financial director for three years at ITT Tech Tallahassee Fl, please contact me as soon as possible at zanooo@***.com

I am needing your help with actions I am going to take against the school, I need you to help testify or write a letter to me stating the same as you did on this website. It is very important and important to my future!

Thank you!

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Educational system in place at this institution is faulty.

I have decided not to continue attending ITT Tech as the educational system in place at this institution is faulty. Fees per credit are astoundingly high in comparison to other institutions and the requirement of four credits per course, in comparison to three credits per course at other institutions have also influenced my decision. I have always struggled with the system in place where students attend class once a week for four hours rather than twice weekly for two hours. It is very difficult to learn, process, and retain material in this period of time. I have had professors dismiss class early as they, too, have felt overwhelmed and exhausted to be in class for four hours. I have also experienced a vast lack of learning as professors do not truly teach, apply structure, or discipline due to the outrageous lack of respect and defiance many students demonstrate toward professors. I have been baffled to receive study guides for exams which have turned out to be the exam itself! Of course, everyone will receive a perfect score as all that was required was to memorize the answers to the study guide and answer the exact same questions, in the same order as they appear in study guide, on the exams. My time and effort at ITT Tech have been a tremendous waste of time and money as I can honestly say that I have not aquired any new knowledge and professors basically give all students high marks without teaching and challenging individuals at all. Additionally, this past quarter, we underwent the outrageous and unprofessional experience of having numerous professors "teaching" one course as the former professors left the institution in search of higher salaries elsewhere. As these professors resigned, ITT Tech assigned professors who lacked course material knowledge and, as a result, failed to adequately teach. The abovementioned issues are some of the reasons I now feel overwhelmed and anxious as I am now in financial debt and I feel like I did my first day of class. I have not learned any new material as I was not presented with any learning material which was challenging or state-of-the-art. I have no newly-acquired learning or educational assets to add to my resume nor do I feel that my short time at ITT Tech contributed any valuable or useful knowledge which would aid me in broadening my horizons in my field in the working world.
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you are dumb too, dont you know that you get what you pay for when it comes to eductation, thats why it is a little more expensive Dhick Skin, and then why would students want to come to two or three courses on more than one day per week which makes students commute four to six days per week which many students can not afford. Your a dummy you really should consider going somewhere else, because you are a epic fail at getting students to understand the value of a college education and how to apply themselves....Ur such a failure


Hey retard. Students DO apply themselves at this loony bin.

The problem is the instructors teach everything except the necessary skills your will need in the real world. At least in NSA. I have talked to about 30 other students who are about to graduate in September along with myself and we all have the same concern. We won't even be able to answer half the questions an employer will have for us because we were never taught ANYTHING regarding troubleshooting and the only "hands on" training we got was in VMWARE virtual environments because the school is too cheap to set it up in the classroom like any other DECENT technical college does EVERY DAY!

The students aren't the epic failures. The psychotic, hateful, greedy and idiotic faulty and used car-like recruiters are!

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Orlando, Florida

ITT-Tech is now using Hospitals to help them collect

I received a call this morning from ECMC (Erie County Medical Center, located in Western New York) that started with Hi I am calling about your ITT Balance. I was Shocked and Pissed! Apparently Itt-Tech is now using your local hospitals Mental Health Staff to see why your not paying your inflated school loan. Some history I attended 1 semester and 1 hour of my 2nd semesters 1st day then left with a medical discharge. Not only have I sent letters to them from my doctor (whom by the why is Not affiliated with ECMC but with the VA Hospital in my area) which went ignored. Now I have to revisit this stress and have the VA's legal arm see if they can help. I went to ITT to hone my programming skills as I am already a programmer. I ran after I ended up practically teaching intro to PC's 101, English or communications was nothing more than how to work in a group and how to use Office 2007. Then speaking to a programming student that was graduating in weeks. I learned more than him from YouTube, other sites and books from Barnes and Noble. They use antiquated Heathkit educational lesson plans on P3 Win XP machines. ITT-Tech really is a useless degree mill. Don't believe me call a couple of local HR Reps and see what they think of a degree from ITT. (BEWARE TO BE SHOCKED)!!! Go to a local college and get a real degree. Don't listen to the ITT commercials they should be up for an Emmy in the BS fiction category. Thanks for reading my ranting and a warning to fellow Veterans just coming home. Treat ITT as hostile territory with no way out once you crossed their border.......
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ECMC is a MN-based corporation that services student loans (like how a bank services mortgages). It is most definitely not a hospital.

Secondly, you signed a government-back note to borrow money to attend ITT (the money was not borrowed from ITT itself).

The fact that you were not happy with your ITT education does not excuse you from paying your debt. You knew what the cost was ahead of time and agreed to pay it.

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Grants Pass, Oregon

Employee Bullying at ITT Technical Institute

I am an employee. I have never been treated so poorly from an employer in my life. They do NOT let you take care of the students as should be, it is only a "numbers" game there and they only care about the money. Employees are treated like dogs. They have the mindset that if they talk you down low enough that you will act like a cowered dog in a corner and never speak up and try to obey so they won't yell at you anymore. I WILL NOT BE TREATED LIKE THAT FROM ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. Our team managers SCREAMS at us constantly if we are not doing exactly what they want us to be doing at that particular time. They have made the job impossible and I have never see morale so low at a place of employment. Shareholders BEWARE!! Your investment is going to go down the tubes and fast. The management in that place needs changed today and replaced with new management or you will not have an investment for much longer. Every person in the building (I work for the ONLINE DIVISION) is looking for another job. Every person in every position hates it there. The president and direct managers have changed the place for the worse. They do not get the concept that the way they are doing things is bringing production down and they are not getting their "number of sits" from students. Why is the owner or CEO not looking into the problems with this division? Treat your employees fairly and your production will go up. There is no reason to ever do a good job, because it is NEVER good enough and you are scolded no matter how well you are doing. Something has to change and NOW. Clean house is my suggestion. When I started work there, it was a great place to work. Get rid of the current "controlling" mindset or all you will be doing is hiring new people every week. On top of that.........................nothing EVER works there. We are not able to do our jobs because the system is CONSTANLTY down. The application, the client/dialer, the reports are never correct that they send out to us (like ten times a day to keep us in line..........joke). But who's fault is it. Well not their's of course it always comes back to the employee. I have never work for a more disfunctional company. Think twice before working there, going to school there or being any part of ITT Technical Institute. Believe me, I am NOT the only one who feels this way, just one of them that wants to let everyone know EXACTLY what is going on there. Sincere Regret!
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I agree. I have been the School Chair for a program at ITT Tech for 7 years.

I was terminated because I could not meet their "number" expectations. Even though I am an "on-campus" manager, we are treated equally bad as this person stated. Constant threats of termination by the Director and Dean if we don't get "dropped" students back in school; or help the Career Services Director find jobs for students.

It is a shame too. I loved working at the school.

My peers are great. Best team work I have ever had. I loved my students. They were very sad when I left.

Remember ITT...

we are TEACHERS. Learning is why we are here, not just the profit margin for the Shareholders.


Sounds like quitting would be a viable option.


I'm at the Breckinridge School of Nursing in Omaha, and the Dean is a snake. The sad part is, you aren't expecting it.

At least with a used car salesman you put your guard up. I had a problem with an unethical, arrogant anatomy "teacher" who continually lied harassed me and manipulated my grade, was bullied by the low IQ students ALONG WITH THE TEACHER, and the Dean called me into his office and YELLED and BLAMED me!!! He apparently had already made the money quota he needed, so he could treat me like dirt WHEN IT IS THE SCHOOL that is the problem. Blaming a student for being bullied??

I lost my job, my house, my car, my mom, I hit rock

bottom and he STILL slimed his way into getting me to stay in school when I told him time after time how I couldn't handle it right now. I am so disgusted with this ghetto school, students and the greedy, unethical management but I have wasted too much money already.

Luckily, most of my teachers have made this worth it.


Ditto. All they want is butts in the seats. Discraceful


It has to be expensive for the ITT to retain these bullys. They are cutting their own throats and hurting students and the company.

Do not take anything personally and never give in.

Continue to speak out and don't go to your desk and stay silent. Tell everyone how you are treated the moment it happens.


apparently they DID just clean house....very very dramatically. How about EVERY dean of every campus given the axe.


100% truth in every sentence!


100% Accurate!!!!


I can honestly say I love my job at ITT. Our campus has a true "student first" attitude.

For the most part we all work VERY well together as a team. I have worked in education for almost ten years and have seen some of the things commented here from previous institutions worked for.

I am just a representative without much say at this point in the operations but from what I can see our campus just may be the best!!

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Kokomo, Indiana

ITT-Tech Graduate

I'm an ITT-Tech graduate from the Columbia South Carolina Campus. My major was Visual Communications ( Graphic Desgin & Multimedia). ITT -Tech is a scam and a total rip off. ITT-Tech fails to prepare you for the work force. ITT-Tech particuarily Columbia SC campus often have instructors that arent quailified to teach the classes that are being taught. ITT-Tech simply pass their students, because its all about numbers. One thing that I hate most about the ITT Tech Columbia campus is that they will hire anyone as a instructor. I feel like I've been ripped I'm having to learn things that should have been taught.
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Columbia, South Carolina

Ripped off for a *** of a degree at ITT Tech

I was convinced that this schoool would give me an amazing education in the Drafting and Design field. Well they start you in a couple of classes that actually pertain to your career field to get you excited, then slowly you see yourself in classes that have ABSOLUTLY nothing to do with that field. Then, because they are so money hungry, they keep signing students up when there is no room for them so you have to SHARE classrooms! What a joke! For $44K I have to struggle to hear my teacher while trying to not be distracted by an entire different class going on right next to me!? DO NOT SIGN UP YOURSELF OR YOUR CHILD UP FOR THIS HORRID SCHOOL! I could have had a more enjoyable time going to a community college and received the same if not better educational benefits for a fraction of the cost! Plus, I graduated 6 months ago, and chose not to walk for graduation (what's the point, not like I'm proud I went there), and I STILL haven't received my degree. Knowing the school they'll have a reason why they can't release it with out needing more money!
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Until you pay your entire bill - for the education rendered - you are not allowed to have your transcripts or copies of your "degree".

Same at all schools.


That's not true. Your transcripts belong to you, not the school. They can put a hold on them if there is an unpaid fee, like a graduation fee or something like that, but not for not attending a graduation ceremony.

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#292161 Review #292161 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Yuba City, California

ITT of Austin Ripped us off

Update by user Jan 11, 2012

I wonder if Sallie Mae is in cohoots with these crooked schools?

Original review posted by user Jan 11, 2012
I got conned into sending my son to this overpriced school were they claim that they will work with you on scheduling around work and helping with job searches if needed. Lies, they never have the classes you need when you need them and he could not get help with job searches when he was out of work. Also when you inform them that you need to take a break from school for the upcoming session the counselors drop you from your current classes which are almost done and then send you a bill for dropping out. Another problem this school has is it instructors are always taking time off and sending in substitutes that don't know what they are doing and the instructors themselves are *** and there computers systems and programs have problems making them impossible for the students to get their work done in a timely manner. Their programs and technology is outdated.This school is crooked and should be shut down. Now instead of being 2 classes from supposedly graduating my son now has 5 classes to continue and I have a huge Sallie Mae Parent Plus loan to pay back and have gotten nothing for the time and money we've invested. On top of that most if not all of the credits are not transferable and I believe they had me take out more then was needed in loans for the classes he took, supposedly any loan not needed was to be returned to Sallie Mae which I believe they pocketed. This school is crooked do not enrol yourself or your kids in this school.
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I'm a Veteran and I thought I would use my New GI Bill on this school. After two semesters of worthless classes I decided to stop going there.

ITT Austin, sent me threatening letters that I OWE them 100 dollars for administration fees and if I don't pay them they will notify a collection agency. So after basically giving them $6,000 dollars from public money they still wanted more.

And don't tell you that you must pay to withdraw before you graduate. VETERANS PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL.


This is quite informative. This has made my decision to attend ITT a negative.


You speak the truth about the hostile learning environment. I would also add it is a hostile work environment.

I have been a full time employee in the academic department until I resigned my position. There was one student that verbally assaulted three different instructors in my program. I am talking veiled threats, insubordination and disrupting the class. Three additional instructors in my department have stated they prefer not to teach this student (for a total of 6 instructors).

I went to the Dean and advised her that all 6 of us can not be crazy and that this student needs to be suspended.

When the Dean refused to do anything I resigned my position. It is not appropriate for employees to be treated like this.


itt tech is criminal!!!


This campus is racist! They will toss about bad black students and keep the white ones even if those whites are disruptive!

I just found out that they kept a white student named Amber in a class after she told off her instructor and yelled at another student. That does not make sense.

They have no problem tossing blacks out all day long and keeping this white chick in the class. When I get this person's last name I will repost.


This school does not really care about teaching your kids. This school allows bad students to be hostile to other students and instructors.

Instructors are told to just deal with it. If a hostile student is removed then the school loses the profit that student was bringing in. Most are walking out the door and never coming back. My son informed of this bad situation.

He is leaving this school and transferring to Devry because that is the only place that will take his credits. Be informed!

ITT-Tech credits do not transfer to UT or ACC.

If you or your child applies to the school ask the representative about the math teacher that was fired.


As an instructor who is not longer there, I can that this school is really full of it. I tried to teach students who really wanted to learn.

However, I had some bad apples. My department would allow these bad students to stay in my class and undermine my authority. He did not care how hostile these students were to me and their classmates. To me, ITT Tech Austin was just a baby sitting gig.

That is probably why I am gone. I am back in profession and I do get the last laugh. Those hostile and inconsiderate students that made teaching bad for me and their classmates will never made into the industry because I have put them on a bad list of do not hire.

My boss loves this information and these punk *** are now marked as do not hire in workforce. *** you too ITT-Tech.


I dont think teachers should hve no recourse if someone is disruptive, but i hate to tell you this, you must think that you are more important then you are because there is no " black list" shall we sound like a know it all self important (not) person


Thanks so much. I was considering looking into them.

I surely wont now. Guess it back to Community College.


I was thinking of sending my daughter there, WOW, thank you all for the heads up.

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Austin, Texas
To all those that have been in the ITT world, many believe it to be a scam. I have read a lot about it recently. I'm asking that all those that have had a bad experience with not being able to use those degrees or have a problem with loans to call your states...
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ITT, NIT, Everest,Devry, Blair, ect. are all Corinthian Schools or CSi as they abbrev.

and they won't even transfer their own credits to each other. I attended one of the listed and tried to transfer credits to another(before finding the relationship between them) and they said they wouldn't transfer. I communicated my lack of attendance with them through an email and have had no response to date. Go to your search engine and type it in (CSi or Corinthian schools) you get the list.

Also NIT no longer exist because they changes the name to Everest. Opinion....they made more promises than they could deliver and changed it to keep from honoring the student promises that they often changed during the course.

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#285716 Review #285716 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Hamlin, West Virginia

ITT Tech is 100% Ripoff!

I am a former employee at ITT. I left because I couldn't ethically continue to do what management wanted me to do which was lie just to get students in and get signatures on their loan papers. As long as the money keeps flowing in anybody is passed regardless whether they do the work required for the program. No reputable employer even accepts their phony degrees! Their credits do not transfer and they make you take out high interest private loans to cover tuition because government financial aid will not cover all of the costs. Students do not get any financial aid checks back and most often end up so deep in debt that they can never dig themselves out. A Bachelor degree will end up costing you $100,000.00 RUN, don't walk, AWAY from this ripoff school.
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What is the "c9fa5" at the end of your post mean? I have a feeling its a code whomever you write these reviews for uses to pay you...


I have been researching this issue for months. Considering the grammar of some of these comments it's no wonder these people have a gripe.

They seem to lack the mental capacity to even attend such a program.

You don't see many positive comments because the people who succeed don't have time for such foolishness. They're at work!

If you apply yourself and have the ability you can accomplish anything. The world needs ditch diggers too!

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#279290 Review #279290 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Francisco, California
Itt Technical Institute Program
The school gave out false information and lied to students in nursing program. They failed to uphold their end of our contract, providing no education in exchange for money. While I was in the school the Arizona State Board of Nursing visited to perform an...
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Bottom Line: They do not care. They don't.

If you are dying in ICU, they will still harass you to register!! If you don't register, you may not get to be in the program!!I was in Breckinridge school of nursing in Omaha, Nebraska and the AP teacher gave an A to a girl who brought in an anatomy coloring book. Someone with such arrogance (she was unable to answer simple AP questions) and lack of ethics should not even be teaching at all. Oh, did i mention she monitored how long I was in the bathroom!!

I'd suggest she teach Jr.High (since that is what this place really is) but I shudder to think how many kids would be scarred. I was bullied, harassed, and the dean had the nerve to scream (i know the rest of the office heard) and blame ME. Like I didn't have enough in my life to deal with.

I do not know how this place can have any accreditation at all given the complete lack of ethics. If you want to experience the disgusting, heartless, truly sick side of humanity enroll at Breckinridge School of Nursing!

#276195 Review #276195 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Phoenix, Arizona
Itt Technical Institute Program
Update by user Jul 10, 2014

I am attending the Norwood Ohio campus and thank god I am in my last quarter. One more interesting tidbit about this horrible school is that in the 3 and 1/2 years I have been there, they have hired and fired FIVE Deans!!!! Not to mention firing over 15 different...

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You must go to Harrisburg! I know for a fact everything you have said it correct.

At this time, they are trying to get rid of some of the bulldykes, though. It will will totally suck as a school.

My advise is to run as fast as you can away from this organization, either going to school there, or working there. They are ridiculous.

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#270943 Review #270943 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Avoid ITT Technical Institute

I wish I would have listened to my brother when he told me not to attend ITT Tech. He graduated in 2004 and had a very hard time getting a job. He eventually found a great job through a friend. He has friends in high positions and they let him know that they really don't like hiring people from ITT because they give degrees to everyone. In fact, they even made the news in my city when a student submitted a recipe and received an "A" with a "Good Job" comment. My problems with ITT Tech occurred quickly. I first enrolled in August of 2009, but due to a family emergency I had to drop...way before classes started. I re enrolled in December and noticed right away that you will be given an "A" no matter what kind of work you turn in. After three months of utter *** I decided to dropout and attend another school. Right before I did I found out that they never turned in my financial aid papers on top of that they kept my Pell Grant from August. They never sent it back like they were suppose to do. I contacted the Dept of Education and they said what ITT Tech did was illegal. That's not the worse of it, when I called to drop out the woman was extremely angry and unprofessional. I made sure that I was officially dropped out and signed at a different school and thank heavens I did because two weeks later after I was officially dropped from the school. I found out that they tried to take a loan out under my name. If I hadn't signed up at a different school when I did..they would have gotten away with it. Also if you're thinking about enrolling at ITT Tech do a little searching on the web because many of their campuses have been raided!
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I was in Breckinridge school of nursing in Omaha, Nebraska and the teacher gave an A to a girl who brought in an anatomy coloring book. The anatomy teacher knows she can get away with whatever she wants, and so she blatantly favors students, makes fun of students in her class, etc.

Someone with such arrogance (she was unable to answer simple AP questions) and lack of ethics should not even be teaching at all. Oh, did i mention she monitored how long I was in the bathroom!!

Yet, another student can be twenty minutes late from break since they went to get gourmet coffee. I'd suggest she teach Jr.High (since that is what this place really is) but I shudder to think how many kids would be scarred


I qm so sick of my stomach right now I'm in itt tech at marlton nj!!! So foolish not to listen to my friend whom kept telling me i read awful things bout itt tech informed urself b4 hand i read myself some comments good ones bad ones and went ahead anyways....

wri ng wring wrong wrong wrong...... please don't enroll


I had bad experience in Deerfield beach campus , Director Marcela and Dean Duke are Bad management forever .


anyone who says ITT Tech is a great school see when they graduated or when their friend did theeir basign this statement on. I graduated in 2000 and the program was great. It is pretty poorly run now since some other entity took over shortly after I graduated.


ITT Tech Institute is place to STOLE student MONEY NO any knowledge there .everything in liar there,I had bad experience in Deerfield beach campus , Director Marcela and Dean Duke are Bad management forever.


By the way you spell based on as basign goes to show what kind of education you got there. And you say your a college graduate?


For every body saying Itt tech is such a great school needs to stop with the ***.You bastards are so naive to this school it's funny.What i really think of this school is this is a *** waste of time.Before i enrolled at itt tech i was doing just fine.My job was not the best but i it was ok until itt tech with it's lies trying to get me to enroll and make me believe i can get a better job they even said they will help me.When i got it in it was ok at first then later down the line been dealing with bad teachers that demand your time and didn't care if you had a life outside of school.All they wanted was for you to be on time and if you show up at least a hour late they will not teach you anything i was working overnight and school start at 8 same time i get off.This was over kill and the teachers will not try to talk to me or help me all they worry about was showing up on time and thanks to this and worry about making it on time to please them i lost my job in the end finish the program and still don't have a job.People school or no school if you think about going to itt tech please don't go it's only a waste of time.


I've been going to ITT Tech for a year. I've seen some of the financial bs everyone is talking about.

But when I fought it most was taken care of. I had a couple of *** instructors but I just switched to a different instructor each time. I have had some incredibly great instructors there. Anywhere you go you take the good with the bad.

I personally know I have to earn every "A" I get there. Nothing is handed to me. If you get screwed on your financial aid and don't realize it or figure out how to fix it on your own, or think someone is just suppose to hand you a job without working for it,.... Then higher education is probably too much for you anyway.

And no it's not regionally accredited but it is nationally accredited. And yes they have quotas to meet, but tell me who doesn't?

For every complaint I've heard on here,... I have talked to twice as many people who were happy with what they recieved at ITT Tech.


Hey, Caidyron;

Please give us all a break. We can see by the fact that EVERYONE complaints about ITT, the workers as well as the students, that this is not a really great institution. Do you perhaps work in marketing, and have to bring people in so you can keep your job? That is my thought. I was a student in Harrisburg, and it is single-handedly the worst run organization in the world. Maybe not all of the ITTs get rid of the good people and keep the *** but this one sure does. For $48,000, folks, you surely can do much better than ITT.

My advise is to run like ***.


I attended ITT Technical Institute in Pittsburgh, PA at the Green Tree location. This location was ranked second best and I believe it still is.

Student attended from another near by ITT Technical Institute and had bad things to say about this other location. Though, the one in Gree Tree is so ahead of the game. They have the most brilliant instructors who know first hand what they're teaching and every student receives the one on one help they need when they need it. I attended the IT/Computer Network Systems Associates In Specialized Technology Degree.

I graduated March, 2004 and got into Contracting which isn't bad in moderation. You can get around for a few years and see different settings and environments and learn more than you would ever think to. I work for one of the largest Insurance Firms in the world. I just started a few months ago moving here from an IT Solutions company where I was a Network Administrator at one location and maybe the next day they needed me to be a Router Security Consultant and maybe do some web development work for the PTC or Catalyst Connection.

All of which I learned during my time at ITT. I feel for those who attended other less fortunate locations. There are those though, like the location in Green Tree PA that have one equal in the state and that's CMU the world infamous harbinger of phenominal minds. For those who attended a bad location, please when you're in Pittsburgh PA go visit ITT Technical Institute in Green Tree.

It's 3 minutes from Downtown and you'll have a change of mind as per ITT. There are jobs out there and it may seem like there are not. You have to actually look and I'm not saying that people don't.

But, getting into an IT Staffing firm for a while will expose you to the big players out there and give you ideas on what you actually want to do and where to apply personally. ;)

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ITT Tech scammed me into a parent plus loan and I have NO income

I went with my son to enroll at ITT Tech only a few weeks ago and everything that was told to us ended up not being the case. They approved me for a 10,000 parent plus loan without my knowledge (I thought I was signing because my son is 20 and they claimed he is still a dependent until age 24)that's what we was told. The financial aid counseler told my son that I could cancel that loan by mailing my debts stating I could not afford the loan, and it would not affect my son then stated they have not been given any money yet on that loan as of 9/22/11 but I decided to call the loan servicing place who informed me that over 3,000 of that loan was already disbersed to them on 9-2-11..So I called and made an appointment with this financial aid counseler to discuss this and to go over all the paper work, A few hours after that the financial aid counseler called my sons phone telling him to come in the same day as our appointment that we just made only 3 hours earlier to sign cancelling papers and that he was free to do what he wanted, without calling me to cancel the appointment we just made. So my son now owes 50% of 45,000 for only going to school ONE WEEK... and I'm still getting the run around on getting this parent plus loan cancelled and now will be forced to get a lawyer because they're not going to get away with being crooks.. That's only a part of it...
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I think this woman needs a guardian to run her finances and her life..I wish I knew who she was so I could petition the courts for guardianship. She really needs assistance


The US dept. of education sets the guidelines for a student's dependency and qualifications for a PLUS loan, not ITT.

If a student goes to school for a week and then they drop, they owe 25% of the Qtr. not the whole degree also as per Dept.

of education guidelines. Get your facts straight before making damaging statements.


$40k for *** ? moda""er if you work for itt tech then shut the *** up ,why dont you tryna drag your children to attend this ***?

i bet you will cry twice and the next day you choose to climb up the ladder 40 ft height and jump then die under the students loan . TAKE my words" do the research about this school before you attend" !!




I had been discriminated as in my civil rights and my rights as a consumer, that base because of my race and age .My Education Pursuits is Computer Repair and the Technology. This Brought to attention of The Board Of Education Federal Loan and the National Student #137716****.

Then Office New York Attorney General Civil Rights Division unto New York Attorney General Public Integrity Division Division Complaint# 12-267. the compliant is Itt-Techincal Institute Albany New York that is well documented for it's Unscrupulous Fraudulent Scams. That Itt-Technical Institute Albany were Evading the question of what happen to the course.that didn’t start. which I had sign a enrollment agreement for Electrical Technology Course a credited course .were in my action to prevention .

This fraud acts in requesting cancelation all of my student loans (as unsubsidized and subsidized loans) had given proper notification unto Itt-Technical Institute Albany New York. Itt-Technical Institute Albany New York. had made a false allegation as to I was taking classes The Hypocrisy is these Government agencies had .refuse or challenge the validity of Itt-Technical Institute Albany New York. False allegation.

since there is no agreement that was made by me accepting Itt-Technical Institute Albany New York alternate non credited course in becoming a Jedi Knight that was offer by Itt-Technical Institute that I had refuse.


Dale should learn how to type before talking about "basic education" lol really? dumb ***! I think dale and *** bad blah blah blah are the same *** typing this *** up!


@ blahblahblah why don't you go shoot yourself you disgusting piece of ***! How dare you insult people on here as if you are some perfect person!


anyone that goes to itt tech deserves to be scammed. BUYER BEWARE do your research if you type itt tech into google once!

you will know not to go.

plus any person that pays 40k fo a degree from there deserves to not have that 40k lol go to a real school do your research. im sick of hearing how bad they are and *boohoo i got scamed well no *** you did* i mean come one people DONT BE SO DUMB


Dale, if you don't have anything helpful to add or you work for ITT then keep your mouth shut.

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