Our campus in Knoxville, TN has decided to take away all rights to us students to have drinks in the classroom. The students and teachers are no longer allowed to have any water, cokes, ect in the classroom. This occured when someone who was working for ITT to do renovations spilled a coke on accident in one of the labs. This was no fault of a student or teacher. Since when do we have to pay for the school, teachers pay, and renovations and get nothing in return but faulty equipment, repetitive classes, and our rights as students to be taken away? Nobody can stand in front of the classroom and talk to four hours every day without something to drink to clear their throats from dry mouth.

I believe that if you want the students to continue to go to ITT you will help us change this. It is our right as the consumers to have something to drink, (even if it's water), while we are in class. This has made a lot of individuals mad. Personally I've heard of about 65 students who plan to look at moving schools, including myself. This is rediculous. What right are they going to take away next, breathing?

Please help us do something. IT was not our fault that some person who does not even attend ITT accidently spill something on the carpet. IT is bull. It is not fair to punish the students when we weren't even there when this event happened. We were on two weeks break. We were not even at school,and now their blaming us by taking away our drinks. I'm sick of ITT and I plan on looking at a future college. I am leaving in November to go to basic training for the TN National Guard. When I return I may be moving schools. I want you to consider this and do something about it. I am not the only one who feels this way.

Thank you for your time.

Natasha Dodson

Criminal Justice Major

ITT Technical Institute

Knoxville, TN

Location: Cleveland, Tennessee

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Hahaha this is so rich. It's like seeing Lincoln's assassination and complaining that the play was not particularly well-acted.


What kind of spoiled *** are you that you feel the entitlement to make ridiculous claims on-line. Your mind-set and deameanor is part of the very reason this country is in a mess. Utilize your time wisely, shut your pie-hole, move out of your momma's house and get a job like the rest of the real world...


I would be *** about the overpriced,sorry excuse for an education you are getting instead of not being able to suck down a soft drink in the lab.


Thats what your pissed about. Really!?

Your not even susposed to have drinks in the labs. Stop being *** and get over it!


your a wuss!


Oh come on, seriously. I agree with the two people above. Having drinks and snacks inside a classroom or lab is not a right; it's a privilege. I can understand why they have this rule. Many snacks are either sticky or messy with crumbs, drinks can be easily spilled (no matter how careful you are). Have you ever had to use a computer were previous people have had sticky fingers on the keys and crumbs can be found inside the keyboards? Obviously not, because it's nasty. Not to mention a health concern.

Add these factors together and you have too much risk of damaging equipment, carpets, etc. The more damaged equipment, the more likely of a rise in tuition to pay for new equipment...no one wants that. No one wants to get sick either because someone else decided to eat or drink in class, and then with fingers which are now covered in germs from the food and mouth, touch the computers and desks.

Quit complaining and use your 20 minute break during class to eat your snacks and drink your drinks. That's what it's there for.


It is not a right of the students to have drinks in the class room. I am a former student from that campus and was never allowed to bring drinks into the lab or the classroom except on a special occasion.

The fact that you are complaining about this petty problem onnly shows that you must have to much time to think about it. I was constantly busy with academics and tutoring my fellow students. I would also tell you to think twice about transferring to another college. The fact is you are in a Vocational school not a college and many of your credits will not transfer.

So make sure you consider all the variables before you make any rash decisions.

I am still pursueing my bachelors degree through a traditional college while being gamefully employed. But the education I recieved was solid and it really helped me get into the field I want to be in.


Are you serious?

Thats not a right of the students, thats a privilege.

It is the schools right to forbid food and drinks in the classroom. They maintain the campus and its property. Students may pay for their education, but they are paying for the right to learn from their services. Not dictate school policy.

Seriously, grow up. This is a truly pathetic thing to complain about.

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