When I first spoke with the reps at ITT they informed me that it wasn't difficult to drop if you absolutely had to, which it wasn't at all. They get a ton of money out of you if you complete your program or if you drop.

Think before you ever sign any paperwork. Is $47K really worth it? When you get out you will be working just to pay off your loans.

From my experience the instructors were really nice and knew what they were talking about. The problem arises when you have to drop after attending for 2 weeks (6 classes total)! You are then paying for 50% of the quarter and that equates to roughly $3,600.00. Ok, not the end of the world.

What they neglect to tell you is if you drop that early on your loans are null and void and that they send your balance off to a collection agency. If that balance isn't paid off in 3 months it will have a negative affect on your credit report and you will have that burdon for 7 years.

Now I am going to be stuck with this negative mark for the next 7 years because I cannot afford to pay them roughly $1,200.00 per month.

My advice to anyone thinking of enrolling really think about the cost. You can go anywhere else and not have to pay that much money for an education. They are extremely overpriced and the financial aid department that I delt with was giving me wrong information.

Review about: Itt Technical Institute Program.

Monetary Loss: $3600.


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