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Do not go to this school unless you want an useless piece of paper that no company want to accept. Check out our group in Facebook about the school and what we are doing to get our money back and for more info. The government is suing them, that should tell you enough.


The school preys on low income families and they take out loans in different names if they have to to fund your "education". This company does not care about anyone. Their CEO just dump all their stocks and what was once a stock at $40 is now worth $3.00. Search more on it and you will see what I mean.

Product or Service Mentioned: Itt Technical Institute Program.

Reason of review: Useless education.

Location: Encino, California

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I did not go to ITT Tech but.... I know about these kinds of "colleges".

I just saw another one of their ads on television and how they get those "students" to do them, I don't know. Are these students clueless? Are they real former students? But I did attend one like this....very sad...

awful...they are cash cows. All they want is money. And who are the people who teach? And what about those people in the offices?

Do they not know what is going on?

How can they sleep at night?

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