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(My response to a "you're not worthy" email I got from ITT after being invited to a supposed interview)

Hello, ITT Tech.

I am glad to have the opportunity to reply to your email as I wish to describe my experience during my "interview" yesterday.

Not only was it a waste of my time but I was insulted by the fact that I was made to take a "test" before given the courtesy of a company overview or even details on the supposed job. How shameful that a company would value a math test over talking directly with a candidate.

I should have left immediately, especially when I and 2 other interviewees were ushered into a noisy room and what seemed to be a daycare situation, where children were allowed to run and play while their parents got homework help from a loud tutor. My greeter, Edwina Morgan-Forh, was all smiles but thoroughly unprepared (computers were not on for us nor at the appropriate start point for the "exam", no paper and pencils handy, her inability to give clear answers about the test to another interviewee, and an inappropriate exam room). For an hour and a half, I was subjected to an idiotic math and grammar test, which apparently I "failed" (hilarious considering the obvious incompetence that I observed of the ITT employees - have someone with good customer relation skills manning your front desk, by the way) because soon after the test, I was hustled into a hallway and told that I was no longer eligible for an interview. No one anyone gave me the courtesy of talking with me about my excellent skills, experience, and educational background.

I should have seen this coming. I did not post for this job and it certainly did not have the professional corporate feel that I am accustomed to. Now that I've investigated further into ITT Tech, I see other negative comments posted online about the shenanigans played here, many comments made by your own employees. Next time, I'll do my homework!


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Sunnyvale, California, United States #592200

Maybe lady if your skirt was longer or you looked more professional you would have gotten the job.Some of us depend on our brains to get hired.

Stop depending on your body parts Kim Lawson, and dump out some of that negativity (especially on group interviews)and maybe someone will hire you. You blame the Director, the school, the computers, the desk, if there was a service pet in the room you would blame it too. You're not accountable and it just irritates me. The director Edwina give clear instructions, explained why we were testing in the computer lab, give an option to test later, and wouldn't give the answer to the test away that you and your buddy wanted.If the rest of us passed, it should tell you something. weren't qualified with an seventh grade education? If the students have to take the test to go to school there, why would the school let someone less bright mentor that student? Duh!* I didn't take the job because I got a higher offer elsewhere with another school but I wish I had the opportunity to work for that lady. She was great with everyone.

I was just looking for her since I kept her card to see if she would hire me now and came across this. Shame on you Kim Lawson! You must still be unemployed or some company somewhere fell prey and is suffering at your hands...probably going through a lawsuit by the looks of you.

Next time, do your homework before going on an interview.Maybe I lucked out on not working for ITT based on other comments but please let's look at ourselves first and our shortcomings, and take responsibility for our actions before blaming others for our own self destruction.


i was going to start my nsa networking systems adminitrator degree and i had to take a entry assessment test wich had 30 questions and you can only fail 9 total before u fail and i know i only had failed 5 at most all the other questions were easy, wat is 54,300m in km wich is 54.3km and other questions as easy as that and appearently i failed. the people were always on my *** to sign loan papers and once i failed they could give 2 shi** and i left. worse place ever


:? how many Number of math hours required

Number English hours required


Sound like a bunch of *** that need to grow up.


same thing happrn to me but i had a master digree but i was good at test ing and they rip me off i had to test for 2 minutes but i had 20 and i needed a 21 *** they knew i had the answer right but they changed it ***


lol XD XD XD XD XD XD XD xD lol rofl ROFL hehe ehehe he hehe lol


Be grateful that you did NOT get the job.It's a horrific place to try to work.

They are a bunch of scam artists who treat employees and students alike as mere disposable objects. The "numbers" and getting signatures on enrollment agreements and loan papers are ALL that matter to any of them.

RUN DON'T WALK AWAY!To both students AND perspective employees.


This same thing happened to me at California College of San Diego.I interviewed with three different people at the college and I was made to believe I got the job.

Then I had to take an assessment test and of course I got a 19 and took it twice. I needed a 21 to pass. I have never been a great test taker especially when timed. I feel this test does not determine who I am as a worker.

It does not define my character and how hard I work. I was very disappointed that I did not get a job over a test. Is this a priority in California? I have worked in admissions for over 3 years now in Massachusetts and I have never needed to take a test to get a job at a college.

I find this to be very unfair. Not all people should be defined how they will work as an employee because of a test. I have a Masters Degree and I still can't take tests that well. I think this is very unprofessional.

A test does not determine my work ethic.

Now I was called for a position at ITT in CA and of course I need to take this test again.I find this to be very wrong.

Terlizzi, Puglia, Italy #124821

You're used to a "corporate" feel, yet you can't pass a test that's "geared toward 8th graders". You sound like an ***


Interviewed at ITT also and I too did not pass the test.I was very disappointed but on the contrary received great customer service.

Edwina Morgan-Forh I remember very well because she has a great smile and was very kind and professinal. She was well informed about the school and give us a full overview. Too bad your experience sucked. Good school and good people.

By the way I found out later on that other schools also do this test.

Some kind of 8th grade test that you need to pass before you can be interviewed.I hadn't taken a test in so long.......

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