i dont agree with half of the stuff people have mentioned on here about this school , saying how it is a joke or how it doesnt teach you anything the only reason why you might not be learning anything is because of the effort you put into to it , it provides you with everything material and career services , the fact that its open book is to guide through the school its made easier in a sense to help you but doesnt mean you should look up everything , the fact that i have learned a lot from this school has provided me the knowledge of networking basics everything negative said is absolutely untrue some things ive learned in school consist :

DHCP , ACTIVE DIRECTORY 2008, UNDERSTANDING LANS , WANS, HOW TO SET UP DOMAIN IN A ACTIVE DIRECTORY ENVIRONMENT , HOW TO STATICALLY ASSIGN IP ADDRESS , LINUX , BASH HOW TO SCRIPT IN BASH , THINGS FROM VMWARE , C PROGRAMMING ,wireshark , packet sniffing , seeing clear text PASSWORDS IN telnet, IPS(INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM) IDS(INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM) TFTP, FTP, SSH,TELNET, SUBNETTING , CONCEPTS OF CISCO ROUTERS LIKE OPSF , LSAS FOR OSPF LINK STATE ADVERTISMENTS, EIGRP, CONVERTING DECMIMAL TO BINARY VICE VERSA , IGP, CABLING, INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY , DNS , GPOS, HOW TO CREATE FILES IN LINUX , HOW TO REMOTE CONNECT FROM WINDOWS TO FEDORA (LINUX) So When people tell me or say its a scam or its noneducational its not it is very very educational for whatever reason people are not learning from this school is on them if they CHOOSE the easy route to cheat to , not pay attention for everything thats on them because i had 8 interviews in the it field the only reason i didnt get one was because i had only one job experience in my time of working. i am currently a student and do witness many people doing of what i have explained for any employers looking at this FOR ANY people looking an education in SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION , NETWORKING OR SECURITY analysts TAKE MY WORD for it because im a student with dedication and am willing to do whatever it takes so , dont believe what everyone else says its not true at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Itt Technical Institute Network Systems Administration Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

ITT Technical Institute Pros: Itt tech.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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