I am currently a student in the RN program at ITT Tech (Breckinridge School of Nursing). I have been going for over a year and feel I have taught myself most everything that I have learned. The instructors pretty much read the slides and hit the "highlights" because they are trying to cram all of the material into an 11 week course. When I went to my first clinical site, my instructor never checked to see if I was even doing my assessment correctly. The scariest thing is the people that are passing all of their tests, are more than likely cheating.

Apparently, the tests that are given come from nursing test bank questions. Some people bought, yes I said bought, the answers to the nursing test banks. There are banks out there for every book!!!! They study the test bank questions, and pass the test. Is that the kind of nurse you want taking care of you or your family member????

But do not fret, when it comes time to get the financial aid, or get the loan payment, the financial department is waiting with open arms.

So in a nutshell, you pay an enormous amount of money, go to school and either study, study, study, and barely make that B you need, or you buy answers and learn nothing!!! And then you pray someone will hire you, or some college will let you do the RN to BSN transfer. By the way, if you leave, the credits do not go with you.

Before you invest, think again---If you really want to be an RN and care for people, go where you can learn, be taught, not pay for the rest of your life, and be proud to tell people where you go to school. See I am never proud to tell people where I attend...I know they have a bad reputation!!!!

Hope this helps!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

ITT Technical Institute Cons: Time i wasted.

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Yes you are right they take your money and leave you *** out


I am glad just getting a degree doesn't make you a nurse. If you are dumb enough to pay that kind of money and cheat your way through school, then shame on you.

The only way to become a nurse is to pass the state boards. If you can do that it doesn't matter which school you went to.

If you cheated your way through school you probably won't be passing state boards. Thank God for that!!

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