My son attended ITT for about 5 months and realized he was not getting the education he thought he was paying for. He signed himself out and they charged him for another semester even though he did not attend another semester. So now, he is being harrassed at all time of the morning and night concerning the 11K he owes for 5 months worth of nothing!

ITT Technical Institute's units do not transfer to any real college or university. It even says this in their brochure. ITT Tech's units do not transfer because the education is watered down. What I mean by watered down is, the education you are paying for definitely isn't the education you are getting. Many students complained about the online courses and how they were confusing, but yet nothing was done. With an online course, you are basically teaching yourself. The General Ed. courses are basically Junior College material, if even that, and they're only avaiable because part of being accredited means they have to have them. The knowledge you learn at ITT Tech, is pretty much only good for an entry level position and that's not getting you much money like the "Recruiters" promised you would get before you enrolled. With ITT Tech, you're paying for a private school, but only getting about a Junior College level education.

ITT Tech, they're vultures when it comes to low income families and students and they market themselves towards them. If a family comes in and they have nothing saved for college, or there's no way the student is getting a scholarship, the people at ITT Tech will see a perfect opportunity. They'll try to find every loan possible, even through private banks, and basically, they'll find loans to cover your tuition and then say "see, you can go to school with no out of pocket expenses." But, those loans will end up being a very large amount and will probably put the student in debt for the rest of their lives.

Basically, DO NOT GO TO ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE because it's definitely not worth it. Go to a JC, get your GE and then go to a real College or University.

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The director is usually a recruiter who was promoted.All he/she cares about is money.

The school will do whatever it takes to ensure a student does not drop.That would be lost revenue.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States #1043741

Instructors are forced to call absent students. They are measured on engagement rates. It's horrible.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States #1043739

Agreed.All of the above is so true.

Students are basically passed through classes, so attrition can be reduced. Once students drop, they are literally begged back by the academic team who has to meet a reentry quota.

To up the enrollment census, students who do not attend ( cancelled registration) are not dropped until after lock, so it looks as though the numbers are better than they are.Sooooo many ethical issues, not to mention paperwork tampering with accreditation.

Lakewood, Washington, United States #748839

Like any vocational school, ITT is not up to standards. I was ripped off by Clover Park VTI. My first job was not even close to training.

I cant see why they stay in business...Voc schools are a rip-off.


I am currently attending ITT and I really like it. All you people saying it is a rip-off probably are not doing what you are supposed to. You are probably slacking off and thinking that it is a joke. If you dont want to go to school at the time, then DO NOT SIGN THE CONTRACT!!!

If you do not think that you are getting the best education for your money, THEN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! But do not get all mad when you have to pay back the loans that you took out or pay back money in general. YOU took up the time, YOU sat in class, and YOU were the one to decide to stop going. Its ALL on YOU!!

Quit your ***, people!


One year of ITT will cost you around $20,000.For that much money you can get a much better education from a REAL school.

IIT is a joke. Their classes are garbage, the teacher ***, and overall private for profit colleges are scams. If your hard up for cash - go to a junior college. Their admission people will help get you the loans you need.

Know this: Education at a college level is not for everyone. I ended up taking on a machinist apprenticeship. I landed a great job right away - I made 50k my first year. My second year I learned the ins and outs of several different CNC platforms.

3 years later and I just took a job in ND for 130k - and they are paying my way through real college so I can finish up my Masters In mechanical engineering. My previous employers paid for all my undergrad schooling as well. ITT would have cost me 20k for nothing at all - but I sued for fraud and they lost. A fully loaded semester at a technical college/community college is around 2k with books - and you get the benefit of actually going to school.

ITT is the McDonalds of education - only you can't afford to eat the *** ITT serves up.STAY AWAY FROM THOSE *** ARTISTS.


I agree with kennethsmart, I attend ITT san bernardino and I have never felt so taken care of at a school, and ive attended 2 universities and a community college before landing here, those who are complaining obviously expect sucess to fall in their lap without lifting a finger.And the credits are also transferable to quite a few other universities here in socal spite what you have heard or read.

but your not going to go from ITT to stanford, and stanford credits arnt excepted at other schools either why?

So they can make you PAY and take their classes.Do your homework people but I guess im preaching to the wrong crowd for that


ITT is a RIP OFF.I was taking a CJ course, first of all, the labs are all BS, because they don't even have the equipment you need.

They charged me twice for the same BS criminal investigation kit. Every time I turned around they were fireing and hireing new teachers. The place is horrible. You miss a class and they are calling you on the phone to see why you didn't come to class.

They act like they are PAYING YOU to go to school. It blows. I wish I never signed up and went, because now I'm in debt without a degree, because I am quitting before I am in more debt. Advice to anyone thinking of going there.

DON'T waste your TIME or MONEY. Go to a real college. One that actually teaches the people. Not one that is only concerned about ripping you off and stealing your money for a Degree that is WORTHLESS.

I hate the place and wish I never stayed as long as I did. Oh and another thing, they won't see a dime of my money. They can send me to collection agencies all they want.

I could care less.Not paying for an education I could have gotten at an elementry school.


My daughter attended ITT For one week in 2008 and she relized she wasn't ready at that time.Till this day she is getting collection letters for 2,500 that they say she owes for that week.

Which is crazy....

I have sent letters telling them that for one week isn't $2,500 but we still get collection calls and letters.I would love to get this all behind us but don't want to give in to a scam!!!!


I totally agree with everyone.

It starts with admission. You have to pay $100 fee on the contract. Remember now a contract that you probably can't get out of.

Do yourselves a favor. Talk to people that fix computers for a living and ask them. Thats what I did.

The administator only cares about the money coming in and does sales pitches to make sure that the school is getting what they want.

Itt is run by a company in the stock market.

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