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Has this actually made any progress or still in limbo unlikely to ever progress?

***Anything posted may or may not be true and is assumed theoretical and the use of "I" does not necessarily represent the poster. Any information posted is assumed for educational purposes and awareness and not meant to represent factual events or to be taken as legal advice. If you continue to read forward you acknowledge and accept these terms and release the poster of any liabilities under any jurisdictions as they are not a lawyer. Regardless if these examples represent a true story they are not intended to represent a factual account and only the individual poster can use the information below that they find true as only they are able to determine the accuracy of the events that are being used generically for the purpose of discussion and solely up to the individual to use this information if in fact is is found to be a true account of their experiences and later determined to be applicable for their use in a court of law. Any laws not applicable as determined by a Judge does not discredit the entire agreement and all other applicable parts of the agreement are still in affect and/or enforceable by the poster to be used at their sole discretion by the individual(s) and only the individual(s) poster as they see fit. Only if you agree to these terms in their entirety read on otherwise please disregard this comment. Reading beyond this point is an assumed agreement to the above terms***

If the current efforts have failed due to a lack of resources such as access to legal council of Attorney's knowledgeable in this subject area and a personal educational knowledge of law, FASFA, how funding processes work, and having clear examples that a Judge won't pass a motion for dismissal on out the gate then I maybe of some assistance if you care to read a theoretical thought on how to approach this with an example or 2 that may help and educate some individuals on things that would be needed to have a chance at success.

Lets say the example is from the Chicago area and if you have detailed information do not continue to post it publicly as this is a basic example that may or may not be factual, but is not meant to represent any true statements. And you would not want to disclose information to the defense publically.

Rather this is all a theoretical example and just an opinion on how to approach it not to be mistaken as legal advice or counsel as I am not an attorney and advise if you are taking this seriously to speak with your attorney or hire one 1st as if this were to go class action I wouldn't want to reveal everything to the defense on a public site allowing a corporation to prepare a defense, destroy/distort/lose, evidence, or contact past employee's that could be subpoenaed to testify in a court of law, but get tricked into some past bonus payment under the terms they sign a document that ends up being a nondisclosure agreement.

This fictional post may or may not mean that we have some/all of the above already, if I were the type to very skeptical and learned early in life about keeping any contracts/documents that are considered important, but to make it a class action others would need the info as well. If there are several similar cases already gathered along with information of the specific programs that you were enrolled in aligning with programs of other students and these cases that would be used as evidence belonging to students that have exceptional character, prior GPA's, and successful track records in their career prior to attendance then there is a potential for Civil Cases possibly starting with a specific state if the resources are scattered until further publicity and evidence is obtained from publicity and other students coming forward who had not considered litigation to the point of researching it this could be feasible. Read on or contact me with an organized detail of the obtained information thus far as I may have the aptitude to determine further if this is worth presenting to friends in the legal profession and able to take it to the next level and put the case in the right department of a more than capable firm and with myself and another witness that would fit the bill initially for the state of IL specifically in the AS Computer Networking program as we both were in different years of the program and connected years later to both find out the same issues were encountered, the school itself doesn't even exist now, we also came from the same small hometown and the recruiter's name I still remember who was also related to friends in our town and lived there as well. I have detailed accounts and motives why the program/school failed to educate classes to the point that our final class for graduation students were unable to erase floppy disks and allowed to run to the store and purchase new ones for a file transfer and somehow passed with a degree! The motivations for the school were to move at a pace that wouldn't drop the majority of students as they were given full financial aid due to income and demographic factors which had the teacher been allowed to fail students and maintain a standard requirement for the students to pass the majority of guaranteed funding from the government money would have been taken away as the students would have lost the grants and the school would have had to gamble on the profits of paying or students getting loans to not continue dropping ITT entirely like 30% did by the end of 3 semesters knowing they wasted their money whereas someone like myself already in IT out of HS which I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and no issues with University acceptance and ended at ITT last minute and was definitely sold on a bunch of lies that I went with the career and classes at night while running a startup and felt after 10k already spent knowing the credits were *** after checking about transfers that I was better off just getting a piece of paper i.e. degree and being done with it since the staff let me come in for midterms and pre-take the final to catch their errors as it was a fairly new program. Fortunately my parents took my degree out of the garbage when I got it, but otherwise that's what I felt it was worth asides from 1 class, plus I tested out of the GE classes. Furthermore they had to pass the class a year ahead of ours before CNS would become an AS degree instead of a certificate program motivating them to push group 1 through along with not letting classes fail students that were being paid for and had to maintain grades to keep the full grants ultimately punishing the few who were there to learn and unfortunate enough to have to pay for the program themselves. It also helps our school doesn't even exists anymore, yet I was told we could go back and take any courses again if we ever needed updated training, which resurfaced my curiosity into this after not even being able to get transcripts to see if any credits would count towards starting over to obtain a MBA or Law degree when I noticed it was an absurd amount for the BS degree nearly 80k now I believe. The largest obstacle and opportunity would be if collectively we can come up with the original papers signed and information given when first "applying" and/or getting the names of your recruiters and classmates if you know for certain an above scenario applied in your situation as well with the funding and/or a majority percentage of your classmates could all testify to the same lack of education as I am willing to wager this would fall specific to certain programs, schools, and time ranges rather than universally as the programs developed, new legislation, and disclosures have hit their current system as a for profit school. This was all over the place intentionally from rearrangement and not wanting to go back and organize a fictional example that may not amount to anything. Send your thoughts about the story or further discussion to smbgurus3 at the google mail system and an encrypted email communication can be established if needed using private email systems or other communication forms

Product or Service Mentioned: Itt Technical Institute Program.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

Preferred solution: Refund or Education offered in the BS program given time required and lost.

ITT Technical Institute Cons: Lies, Education, Price, Assistance, Communication, Scams.

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I am a ITT alumni. First of all let me start by saying this school is my biggest regret..

These people that sign you up are not enrollment counselor. They are predatory salesman taking advantage of any opportunity they can to boos their wallets.. I can not establish any type of credit and this school has re arranged my whole way of living. Buy a house is out the question..

I have a 2 year degree at which will now cost me 112k. I received the drafting degree. and the jobs at best were paying 15 bucks and hour for a drafting position..I had to remain in the same construction job which was the reason why I went back to school.. I would like to start a movement to shut this school down they will drive the economy down.

they prey on young gullible kids fresh out of high school such as myself. who haven't got the chance to wise up and mature a little to make a good financial decision.. Please Let's stop these people from damaging our future and some one else's future of the american dream.

post all comments at draftergonzales@***.com... #boycott ITT

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