I worked there in Financial Aid. We were trained and instructed on how to rip off students with high dollar loans and the depletion of the their FASFA dollars.

The whole school is a scam and is for profit institution that plays a bait and switch game and rips of Veterans. They hire subpar professionals and under pay their adjuncts. Dont be fooled by these companies. Dan McGrew the Director is the worst and is nothing but a used car salesman.

This is a warning. They will lie to you, sign you up for classes and when the there is a lack of interest in the major that you are enrolled in then they convince you to change it so that they can manage their expectations and class loads.

DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. you will owe thousands in the end and have no future.

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

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I Was a Student There and I Know exactly where your coming from and if i knew about it then when i started i would have stopped going cause i would have just gone to TCC or lively instead cause they dont care about nothing like the education on helping because just their for the money and i feel sorry for others who get sucked in it


Wow, how did you even get "started" at ITT Tech? Was this a reply from a bot that cut and pasted and didn't use a spell or grammar check?

Ya think? I feel sorry for YOU!

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