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I am a current Bachelors student at ITT Tech, and am completely unsatisfied with the level of education here. I have noticed that they allow students that should never have graduated high school, much less college.

I expected there to be much more hands-on learning for a technical school, but so far, I have only learned theory. what few hands-on labs we have had, the lab manuals were worthless, or the instructor made their own lab up. It makes matters worse, that the instructor staff most often does not know what they are teaching.

As a veteran, I have to complete this quarter before I can drop this school and transfer to a real school with a much more competent staff. It is sad when the only jobs that the career services people can get you are call center jobs answering phone calls, and NOT doing any actual computer work.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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Based on my experience with ITT Tech, your assessment of the school is completely accurate. Do you realize that your credits are unlikely to transfer to another school?

A different for-profit college such as DeVry may accept them, but all for-profit colleges have similar characteristics.

If you have plans to switch to a non-profit public or private college or university, you have nothing to gain by sticking out the quarter. Best to cut your losses and get out now.

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