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I attended ITT-Tech in NY for one quarter then left. Why you may ask,because I spoke with several companies HR personnel at a local technology job fair. What I was told made me sick to my stomach. ITT Tech Degrees are considered to be what amounts to scrap paper.

Some of the reps asked what real degrees did I have. 3 told me that applicants that held ITT Tech Degrees were not even considered for a position with their company. Most told me that an ITT graduate may be considered depending on previous work experience. Prior to going to ITT Tech and learning outdated or inadequate material.

So I figured this was because other applicants went to real State and Local colleges. So I started my real homework and began research into these accusations. What was told to me was on the money "My Loan Money" to be truthful!

After e-mailing HR dept's asking if an ITT Tech graduate had a chance of working for them. The reply's were down right rude if I received a reply at all. From the companies that did reply the communication was less than promising.

If I wanted a basic in the door position or with their sales dept. The chances were there. However only to fill a chair that graduates from real colleges passed by. Unless prior job experience insulated your ITT Tech Degree.

They (the HR people) were more interested in what positions you had held in the past. That is if you wanted a position that paid more than 20K a year. In my case I had 20+ years in work experience in the field I was seeking a position in.

I am being non specific for a good reason. ITT Tech has excellent law firms on retainer. Honestly this bothers me as I do not need a lawsuit for slander or misrepresentation. So I wanted to warn those who watch these so called life changing commercials ITT Tech spends your degree money on.

I don't expect you to believe me. Do your own homework, contact the HR dept's of the companies you dream of working for. Before you get suckered into the ITT Tech Degree mill. Then listen to what they have to say "Go to a real college". Then get a Degree that is worth more than the paper it is printed on.

Preparing you for the future, should say Preparing you to pay us for a very long time!! Yes most good educations you do pay for a long time. However you have a position with a reputable company and can afford to pay your school loans and run a family.

As a school loan is not covered by any bankruptcy protection. You will be flipping burgers or filling gas until you retire. Or until you go to another college and get a Degree that will get you a position that will pay off both loans. That is if you can get another loan. Remember this all goes down on your credit record and Loan Officers don't want to hear your story. They hear them all the time.

To the students that graduated from ITT Tech and disagree with me. Congratulations, you won the employment lottery. To those watching those well rehearsed commercials. Do your real homework as I stated above. Karma goes around and ITT Tech will get theirs and it will not be pretty.

Watch for future posts, as I will start either a Yahoo group of disgruntled students or a website with the possible intent on a class action suit. Remember David did take down Goliath, ITT Tech needs to reimburse those they S****** or just shut down and go away, period.

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Westminster, Maryland, United States #657178

Decided to post some about my experience with ITT. First off ITT is a technical institute not a university so your culture at the school is going to be different. I had professors who work in the field and are really good at there jobs. When they teach, they focus on the core material. This happens when you do get a good professor, however when you find a Itt tech that is trying to compete with a university, you may find yourself getting into an Itt that teaches by the rules of the curriculum, which I was not a fan of. Make sure you do your homework when picking a school. Itt is accredited by a different agency then most universities, so this makes it harder to transfer credits to that fancy university name you want to go to later. Once again I go back to my comment about university versus institute. One disadvantage I don't like is that the schools financial aid gives more money to the lower income. Which means you have middle income that is 50/50 on going to the school to pay 80k, more lower income getting away with sitting in the class and not doing nothing because they can get a paper and barely pass or learn anything, and the higher income who can afford to pay it off for a piece of paper. :upset

So with that being said, what do you do? It all depends on what you want to do and your situation. I had the experience and knowledge of a couple certifications, but because I am just now finding out...

I am just going to note here that I didn't have much luck with Itt career services, but I did get interviews with places. I am very picky about where and who I want to work for. The job I have now.... I applied for once with itt's help and never got a call. Then a few months later the job was posted again and Itt told me about it. Itt called the company and talked to the hr person and put in a really good word for me because I was head of my class. Then I got the interview and the rest played out the way I made it.

Another thing to keep in mind, the degree programs Itt offers is well rounded. I actually got an interview with a government contractor, one of the best in the nation because I had so much well rounded knowledge. They were impressed that I knew so much Linux, windows, Cisco, cyber security, electronics (this was a hobbie of mine), VMware, VoIP, and more. I actually was a last minute call for the position and one of the last they interviewed, and they told me I was one of the best well rounded people they interviewed. So keep in mind how that Itt degree is going to help you be more well rounded for a company.

Hope this helps some, and by the way I am typing this on the iPad and to lazy to review my grammar and spelling. Just read it like I spoke it. Lol.

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to Kelsey Omaha, Nebraska, United States #691535

thank You ever so kindly . good to see and here some one did good .


Let's have some fun with "current ITT student."

"You guys know why "nobody" who goes to ITT has a job? Because only 30% of you *** graduate, and half you *** who do don't get good grades."

Fair enough. Who let these students in? ITT did. Should these students be eligible for Pell and Title IV? Those programs are, in part, funded by the hardworking taxpayers of this nation. Should they be used at a "school" like ITT with low standards?

"At my campus, we have a many working graduates, i've met them. You can't even punctuate properly, how can anyone take you seriously?"

Oh, the irony. I have some advice for "current ITT student." Do not insult someone's writing and grammar unless your own writing abilities are up to par.

Let us look at your comment. "we have a many working graduates, i've met them." Does "a many working graduates" make any sense to you? Is that proper English? It is not even close. You also fail to capitalize "i've" even though the "i" in this case should be "I." When you are using "I" as a pronoun for the first person, you need to capitalize it. Based on that sentence, I would guess you have the writing abilities of a fifth grader. You do not need to be in college. You need to be in a phonics class with a bunch of eleven year olds.

"I am starting an internship at a fairly large company in close to where i live in the spring, and after i graduate I'll be hired on there at about $65,000. Starting out. So take...

Congratulations on your job "at a fairly large company in close to where i live." Why did you add the "in" to this sentence? It is not needed. Who are you so inconsistent with your grammar. Let's see how you pivot in the following part of your diatribe.

"i live in the spring, and after i graduate I'll be hired on there at about $65,000."

Why do you repeatedly post "i" for "I" but then shift to capitalizing "I'll" late on? Do you think you need a college degree to move from an "i" to an "I" or do you think you should only capitalize the first person when you use it for "I'll" or do you simply write like a fifth grader?

"Then again, maybe things are different in other areas, but here, things are great."

I'm glad things are great in Arkansas but you just undermined your entire point. You aggressively attacked students who complain about ITT and proceeded to curse them out. After doing so, you conceded they might have a point since, as you admitted, you have a limited perspective.

You might want to add a logic course when you sign up for that phonics class. While I appreciate your attempt to defend ITT, your lack of thinking skills and serious failure to understand basic concepts of the English language only show why prospective students should not apply there. They also show to potential employers why they should avoid hiring ITT grads. When I have an application from an ITT grad (or any non-regionally accredited school), I toss it in the garbage immediately.

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You guys know why "nobody" who goes to ITT has a job? Because only 30% of you *** graduate, and half you *** who do don't get good grades. At my campus, we have a many working graduates, i've met them. You can't even punctuate properly, how can anyone take you seriously? I know all you *** holes who flunk out or drop out because you are too lazy do nothing but get on the internet and complain, so *** stop.

I am starting an internship at a fairly large company in close to where i live in the spring, and after i graduate I'll be hired on there at about $65,000. Starting out. So take your *** and stuff it.

Then again, maybe things are different in other areas, but here, things are great.


The school is a ripoff. Save yourself the trouble. Please :(


Just like everyone else, I'm jsut stuck with a big bill.ITT career services did nothing to help in finding a job.

They would not lift a finger.

In fact I was told at one point, "It is not career services job to find student jobs."

So I'm not 10 months unemployed jobless and can't finish my degree because of not money for transportation.

ITT has never responed to anything I have sent them.Good luck in collecting on any unpaid tuition.


Funny, at our ITT campus we had Intel recruiters come in and talk to us. I think most of you just suck at life.


As a retired vet I feel it is my job to warn you.I hope others follow my lead.

ITT is hoping to get your attention through their well crafted commercials. They will promise you a better life. In reality they will cram a bunch of antiquated or non usefull tech info into you. Then the charges they hit you with are staggering.

Read Their Disclaimer Then Run To A Real College.Please heed my warning I have already got trapped and escaped this POFE (Prisoner Of False Education)!


:x Wished we had found this site and others like it before my wife spent two years at ITT.She's got her associate's and wants to go to Devry for her bachelor's but only TEN credit hours would transfer!

Talk about a waste of money!The worst part is one technical art school she was considering told her they don't even take people that have degrees from ITT.


I think it all depends on which degree you obtain.

For instance, I graduated in 1996 with a degree in computer aided drafting.I found a job within 3 months of graduating with a naval architecture firm.

Fourteen years worth of experience later, my w2 form shows a 6 figure income and I am now subcontracting (which is almost the only way to make a substantial income in that field, with that degree).With that being said I believe that I would have been better off taking courses at a community college (community college credits are way more transferrable.

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