ITT Tech is a complete send off, they promise to find your jobs when you graduate, and I graduated in Septemeber and still have not find work in my field which is Information Technology. The career service department sends you on jobs that you are not qualified for, instead of sending you to entry level positions like I was promised. Besides that you do not learn anything in the classroom, and it is not hands on at all. Like I previously stated I graduated in September with an Associates in Information Technology.

And now I am currently enrolled once again for the Bachelors program, and the only reason I did that I because I have high loans I can't pay because I still HAVE NOT FOUND WORK. Biggest rip off ever I would not advise anyone to enroll at ITT.

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anyone that goes to itt tech deserves to be scammed.BUYER BEWARE do your research if you type itt tech into google once!

you will know not to go.plus any person that pays 40k fo a degree from there deserves to not have that 40k lol go to a real school


I totally agree with you.I was also a past full time employee that would like to say that the ITT in Sylmar, CA is a joke.

The staff is not friendly at all, nor are helping. You will learn nothing nor get a job when you graduate. Most of the teachers there can not even speak english.

It cost $48K for 2 years and $98K for a 4 year degree.This is a rip off big time.


If you're graduating from ITT tech now and don't already have a job in your field, well consider yourself screwed.I graduated years ago and I managed to start out at an ISP and work up to a job at a software company.

I'm doing ok now. I had to go back and get a real degree from a real college and that hurt but you do what you got to do.

Those of you now graduating are going to have to compete with guys that have respected degrees from prominent universities and some work experience as well.Good luck with that and good luck paying of 40k of student loans.


I had a job before I graduated.


the wounderful thing about higher education is that you will have a higher bill. that is the american way of life,oh yea, about the job, GOOD LUCK only a few million people are out of employment.consider your self lucky you only had to wait 6 years for your job.


I feel your pain and believe ITT Tech is a rip off.Especially with what they charge you.

40K now for an A.A.S degree. That is highway robbery and the young people they target often do not realize what they are taking on debt wise until it is too late. I have an AAS degree in I.T. as well from the Little Rock ITT Tech.

I will defend ITT Tech on the education though. If you want to learn and can apply yourself, it is a decent school. If not, you are in for a nightmare of debt and no job. Myself and two other students in our class of 14 pretty much did all the homework for the rest of the class.

Cheating was rampant. ITT skated students along to keep them enrolled. They dont want the kids to fail classes and quit. They want them to keep going and keep paying for those classes.

For that reason, it is easy for students that are not motivated to slide through. Effectively passing but not learning a dang thing. They wont find work after graduation because they dont know a thing. I myself graduated with a 3.92.

It would have been higher if I had not missed one class two weeks in a row due to an emergency and was unable to make up a test which knocked me down to a B. The classes are gravy, but I understood that I had 36K in debt racking up and I had to learn if I wanted to actually get a job. I really applied myself. You could say the cost of that education motivated me.

So, the education at ITT is only worth as much as you put into...

I still think its robbery and hate the school for the 26K I am still in debt 6 years later after graduation, but I did take it upon myself to get work in the field and did not rely upon ITT Tech to get me a job.I now make 50K a year in *** poor Arkansas.

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