First, I am 21 and was looking for a college.

I went to ITT signed up to their roster, and was scheduled to come back next week to discuss financial aid.

Asking simple questions, like what % of your graduates have found jobs?, kept using words like "few". They were genuinely suprised someone was asking questions, just basic things.

Giving a tour of their "High-Tech" computer lab, which was a bunch of cheap desktops.. I don't just mean not high end.. these were literally Dell computers from 2002, with monitors worth less than 20 dollars each. Now I know you are probably thinking "Well it was probably the programs on them that are high-tech" No. Just no.

All 2 of the people in their 3 computer labs looked desperate and sad.

Didn't get the chance to talk with them but wish I did.

I went to talk with the instructors, and asked a demonstration of software design, they each had a masters in it afterall. The only thing they could show me was a flow chart stating the name of each class.

Which was already on a paper that they had given me.

Well one day before I was supposed to come back to discuss financial aid, I had looked at some reviews, asked around and decided it would be a poor use of my money. So I called them up to say I would not be attending, but would still come the next day just to say in person.

They actually got pissed off at me saying not to come because I would just take the "hard work" their financial division worked for and take it somewhere else. And was told to send in a formal email stating I would not attend.

In this 4 sentence email I stated multiple times I would like my information stricken from the record, as well as confirmation that this was done.

The reply I got was a 2 paragraph wall of text stating their disbelief that I was given false information, and that they were actually on the level.

Not a single mention of anything besides their reputation or money seemed to matter to them.

To anyone checking that school out, ask them about their reputation... then an hour later when they finish, ask them about finding a job with the degree, and after you get the runaround, ask them about the prices (No doubt they already told you).

Beware of trigger words "Few" "High-Tech" "I was like you" "Wouldn't be here today" "You are smart" "I would do it"

Product or Service Mentioned: Itt Technical Institute Program.

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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