The Omaha School is nothing but a money sucking *** hole. The dean is the slime far below a used car salesman, and a student will have to be in a coma before he will lay off the high pressure sales and THREATS (you may not be accepted back, etc.) of not taking a break from school when serious life issues occur.

Now that I've reached the "money quota" he needed, he will continually call me into his office to yell and blame me for complaining about anything, especially the jaw-dropping unethical, incompetent, pathetic excuse of a "teacher" I had for AP. This woman does more harm than good and should not be teaching anyone. However, they can't seem to get anyone to stay...wonder why. Biggest waste of money in my entire life.

The Omaha Campus is a joke, the students are overly aggressive, mentally slow, and live off welfare so no one works full time (another one of the continual lies from this "school"), and and the Dean is an unethical snake who will lie his way to a paycheck with no remorse whatsoever. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

If you are going through extremely rough times, do not even think of going here. This school does nothing but prey on vulnerable individuals and worship the almighty dollar.

When people say this school does not care about the students, that is the honest truth. The students are not even treated as human beings here, only as money quotas.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ITT Technical Institute Cons: Management, Lies, Education.

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

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Ugh that wretched woman that called herself a teacher was one of (in a long list) the reasons I left that school. I had an infection in both eyes from the hospital I was working full time at aside from attending this *** hole, and I was blinded for two weeks, and had trouble seeing for many more months.

No remorse, I had to get all sorts of signed medical paper work just to get audio books. This place is a joke!


I could not agree more! I couldn't get out soon enough!!!!!! What a joke of a school.


I had the same problem with that teacher. Shes an ***.

surptising she is still there since other people had serious issues with her.

I knew the dean was really a fake. Karma says it will catch up to all of them:)


Oh, but his "money quota" isn't until you graduate as a RN..but no, you can't take a break from school!! I don't care if it takes 20 years you will stay in the school at get your RN!

You don't need a place to live, car, phone, internet, food! It doesn't matter if your mother isn't well! He doesn't want to hear it!! And, he will cut you off so he doesn't have to hear it.

You can just sleep outside of the school! You have to register! He has to keep his attendance numbers high!! That is the only purpose this school exists-Keep up those numbers!!


Prey on vulnerable people. Heartless, evil school.


They aren't accredited either. Oh, but they will trick you in to thinking so because they have some private college accreditation for general classes, but for nursing there is no accreditation. So, you are left with a worthless degree for hospitals as well as reputable colleges to further your education.

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