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I am a student currently enrolled in ITT-Techs RN program and I must say that I am highly disappointed and disgruntled. The students are pretty much teaching themselves, and the work overload is based on cramming and dumping of information....

Not learning. I sat in a class where merely 75% of my class failed every test the teacher gave, and no we weren't offered any help, and nobody even loomed into as to why the whole class was failing. Yet somsomehow after failing EVERY exam, some students managed to PASS the class. So how much did they really learn?

I learned nothing...was too busy trying to keep up in the 11 weeks that theysay we should know every bone in that is in our bodibodies and every muscle too! Not even possible in 11 weeks. Real nursing school isn't 11 weeks!

I will graduate and know absolutely NOTHING! Wasting my money and time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Itt Technical Institute Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: East Hampton, Virginia

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Yea, you can graduate from the program, but are you going to be ready for the NCLEX and the real world?

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