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I wanted get B.S. in Electronic Engineering so I took a tour at its Orlando, fl campus.

It looked great as far as the technology and the staff was ok. Once I decided to sign up a semester sent my file over to their Lake Mary, fl site. Once I got all of my paperwork setup (transcripts) they sent me an e-mail to come the orientation to the rest of the staff, instructors, and career adviser. A few days later I showed up to start classes and found that didn't take any of 68 college credits and signed me up for all the classes that I had already taken.

When went to talk the staff about it they said I would have take up with dean. I was taking night classes and working during the day and couldn't get him on the phone or email. They also told that I had to show to classes or I would be drop from the course. When I finally talk to the Dean he said that the courses had already started and to just finish them and we could take care of it next session.

I said ok. I finished that session and went back for next Session only to find out they only had enough Instructors teach classes for beginners. It wouldn't have been so bad if the instructors they had teacher didn't know the material and making *** as she went and if someone had a question about anything she would tell the class to answer the question. She wasn't the sharpest.

You don't expect a plastic surgeon to do a heart transplant would you? This just one of the many things that's very wrong with the location where I tried to attend. I heard their commercials and was duped. So don't believe what you see on Television or hear on the radio.

It's real riiiippppp OOOFFF!!!!

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I love going to school at ITT. I think maybe you should focus more on using the degree they provide, and find a job rather than complain to the whole world about how it didn't work for you.

I understand you are frustrated but it isn't the schools fault. Maybe it is yours.

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