From 2002 - 2004 I attended this useless school. I was told by the school rep.

that once I graduated that they would help me find a job. Not a job but a career one that pays so much better than what I had before. That my so called non-transferable credits "Associates Degree" would get me far. What a load of ***!!

That's just the school representative that makes it sound so fantastic.

Now on to the classes. Yeah some classes I felt were valid great teachers but for the most part Itt is more worried about how many graduates comes out of there. So worried that they push you through the classes it's as if they practically give you the grade.

For the most part I felt like I flew through classes without truly learning a *** thing!! Yet not only did I graduate but I graduated with Honors "hmm". No I'm not an *** but electronic engineering isn't easy so I was incredibly surprised. I truly don't feel like I learned a *** thing.

Finally after graduating I didn't get that job they claimed I would get.

Not one person wanted to give me a chance with my degree. On top of all that the freaking credits are non-transferable unless you go to another school that cost almost 40,000 bucks.

This school is useless, a joke, and I'm left paying for a loan for a degree that I never once used in my time since I graduated from ITT Tech. No matter how much I tried this degree from ITT Tech was looked at as a joke.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

ITT Technical Institute Cons: Degree, Education.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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