I cant believe i went through the whole associates degree course.I learned nothing at all and one of the teachers even said that the chair told them to tell him how many students they were gonna fail for him.

Also the chair was teaching the capstone class because "not enough teachers were qualified yet the ones from the previous quarter were still teaching. San Diego ITT is a joke. Also most of the teachers don't actually teach, they "try" to do the lab during lecture and then give up then send students to the lab. Once you are done with the lab you go home.

For an at least 3/4 hour class we were there for the most 2 hours. I left capstone due to my group being a failure because they never did any work and i did everything, the chair even knew it and singled me out to ensure i would fail. I asked him about it and immediately he blocked my email so I couldn't email him.

Had a 3.97 GPA.Now i'm stuck with a huge student loan for nothing.

Monetary Loss: $32000.


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