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The school gave out false information and lied to students in nursing program.They failed to uphold their end of our contract, providing no education in exchange for money.

While I was in the school the Arizona State Board of Nursing visited to perform an investigation and reported several deficiencies in ITT-Technical Institute's Nursing Program. After the AZBN visited the school they stopped taking new students into their program. At the point I knew I needed to leave because even if I would've gone through their whole program I wouldn't be prepared for the NCLEX.

I had already spent too much money for worthless classes and I would've been insane to continue handing over money to them when I was getting nothing in return.Please think twice before entering into their nursing program!

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Bottom Line: They do not care.They don't.

If you are dying in ICU, they will still harass you to register!! If you don't register, you may not get to be in the program!!I was in Breckinridge school of nursing in Omaha, Nebraska and the AP teacher gave an A to a girl who brought in an anatomy coloring book. Someone with such arrogance (she was unable to answer simple AP questions) and lack of ethics should not even be teaching at all. Oh, did i mention she monitored how long I was in the bathroom!!

I'd suggest she teach Jr.High (since that is what this place really is) but I shudder to think how many kids would be scarred. I was bullied, harassed, and the dean had the nerve to scream (i know the rest of the office heard) and blame ME. Like I didn't have enough in my life to deal with.

I do not know how this place can have any accreditation at all given the complete lack of ethics.If you want to experience the disgusting, heartless, truly sick side of humanity enroll at Breckinridge School of Nursing!

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